Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anub'arak, I hate you.

Yesterday the heroic daily was Azjol-Nerub. An instance that isn't all that hard, one would presume. It's short. There aren't a lot of trash mobs. Three bosses. Should be quick and easy, right?

The line up was Seraphelia the DK tank, Karika the resto shaman, Neshura the hunter, Shortwinded the rogue and Lilravens the warlock.

We wiped a few times on the Watcher's until we got the hang of it down.

We one shotted Hadronox.

And then we kept failing with Anub'arak. I ran out of mana. The DPS ran out of health. Sometimes one before the other. The tank would get pounded and I couldn't get a heal out to him fast enough, or was lacking the mana to get a heal out to him fast enough. We couldn't seem to avoid the spikes, even if we hoofed it as soon as we saw rumbling. Even when on our screen, we were well away from the spikes, we still got clipped.

(Yes, I had poison cleansing totem out.)

We entered fully repaired. We left in the yellow/red.

We will be back. Oh yes. We will.

The most frustrating part? There was one attempt we were doing REALLY WELL on. I had mana. The DPS was doing a good job avoiding spikes. I was doing a good job avoiding spikes. We were on trash. The poison cleansing totem was doing it's job. The tank is getting low in health and I'm casting a big heal on him, and the heal goes off and he dies.

W. T. F.

The most frustrating feeling in the world for a healer is when you KNOW your heal went off, and the target STILL dies as if no heal hit him.

We will be back. Oh yes. We will.


  1. The tank should be avoiding those pounds. All he has to do is run thru him.

  2. A thing we learned well after our attempts. Though, we've also had issues in the past where when the tank dodges through him, the boss does a spin and wipes the melee DPS too.

  3. Sometimes a tank can't avoid those pounds. Fortunately, Death Knight tanks have skills that allow them to survive the pounds where lesser tanks might not! ^^