Friday, January 23, 2009

Who are you and what have you done to Kikidas?

I hereby qualify the following with this disclaimer: I am on a laggy laptop. I don't have Necrosis on said laptop. I can't tab target on the laptop. And I've been spending a vast majority of my time lately running around in plate and 18k health.

So, yesterday I spend a little time on Kikidas. I log in, I briefly reaccustom myself to what spells I have in my hotbars and etc, etc. And I head on out to do quests.

I have Boon in my party, just to chat while he levels up his engineering.

And I'm out in the Dragonblight and I ride along the way I have habitually ridden along for ages upon ages. Meaning I ride straight to my goal, stop to see what I have chasing me and then get jusssst a little further to make them 'leave combat', or I stop and kill them if there's just one or two.

Of course, this plan backfires BADLY when you get knocked off your mount... when you're level 72. When you have 8k health. When you're on a laptop. When you're surrounded by mobs that are level 73.

So I died.


Then I resurrected and wound up dying again because the stupid mobs were still within range to aggro me.


I safely resurrect, get my quest done, head on my way.


And die in another group of mobs that knocked me off my mount.


And Boon is going, "Uh... K?"


And I grumble, "Shut up."


And then I'm doing the quest out at Ruby Dragonshrine, where you have to help the NPC's kill things. And I somehow manage to ride off my mount right into the middle of a huge gang of ghouls and geists. And I for some reason decide that opening up with several SoC is OBVIOUSLY the best way to get the quest done as quickly and efficiently as I can.

And the ghouls and geists decide I look extra tasty. And I stupidly parked myself very close to them.

And I die.


And Boon says, "Who are you and what have you done with Kikidas?"


On a side note, while I think deep affliction is going to be tasty tasty tasty, I think I'm going to, while leveling, respec to my old hybrid spec so I can get some bang along with my buck. And as I level up, I'll spend more points to get deeper into affliction. We shall see.

Damnit. I've been spoiled by the Light. This is unacceptable. :(

I need to go kick some puppies and read some LFG.

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  1. "I need to go kick some puppies and read some LFG."

    I have a baseball bat and a bag of baby seals if that would help :P