Friday, January 16, 2009

Sons of Hodir... get a TABARD!

Even with 5 Daily quests for the Sons of Hodir, it takes forever to grind reputation with them. There is probably a reason for that, namely that the exalted reputation gains you the Greater Inscription of the Axe, Crag, Pinnacle and Storm. And if EVERYONE could get those, where would be the fun in that?

There are other places you can get shoulder inscriptions, such as with Stonekeeper Shards with the Inscription of Dominance and the Inscription of Triumph.

Armor Kits also add stamina to your shoulder pieces, if you so desire.

And of course, one cannot forget the Mammoths.

(Someone told me that inscriptionists can make a very nice shoulder enhancement item, that requires inscription to use. I cannot however, seem to find it. Anyone?)

So, I think the Sons of Hodir really need a tabard. Or more quests. I mean, I've only done ONE DAY of dailies for the Kalu'ak and I'm revered with them.

And the Kirin Tor need more quests. Seriously.


  1. Master's Inscription of the Axe was one of the reasons I took up Inscription. 110 AP vs 40 AP... hard to beat!

  2. That's the one! Thanks for pointing out my failure at using wowhead. ;)

    Seriously, I hope they boost the rep ones JUST a TEENSY bit. :(