Friday, January 9, 2009

Memorable PuG Moments

We all have them, you join a PuG and something happens that sticks in your head, either to someone or something someone said... SOMETHING.

Last night I was looking for a heroic for Kvasira, ideally into one that drops one of those coveted expertise upgrades I spent so much time researching.

But I didn't get into one of those. I got into a pug for Heroic Azjol-Nerub.

It was me, a DK, a prot pally, a mage and I dragged Kyuushi from YouWakeIt in with me to heal it. Boon was busy with Vialora watching the Gator's game.

The first warning came when I was discussing with the tank what buffs to give. He asked if I had the one that reduces threat. Then if I had sanctuary.

Blessing of Salvation hasn't been around since before WotLK came out. Sanctuary, iirc, is a prot only buff.

We didn't get to the first boss. The 'chain pull' of three watchers was where we got stuck on. The tank was doing his best, unfortunately. He was new to either the tanking game or the prot pally game or to the heroics game or something, but he just did not do a good job. The mobs would splinter off and kill the healer or the mage. Or they'd turn and start hitting me. Or the DK.

It was sad. We died I don't know how many times before we said, 'Maybe we should try an easier heroic.'.

So we picked the Nexus. Pretty easy, right? The DK had to go, the mage also had to go (due to repair bill concerns). We picked up one of our guild rogues, Shortwinded, and the tank invited a priest he knew... who was holy, but could 'do good dps'. (Which was about 500DPS max)

We're in Nexus and get to the orc boss in ice. The priest eventually leaves because he isn't helping and wasn't aware that he was brought in to 'dps'. We get a mage.

We keep wiping. I eventually get so tired of wiping that I pop off a DI on the other paladin during one of our wipes. (Repair bill save FTW!)

This is where it gets fun.

He says, "I don't know what's wrong! I can't DO anything!"

We say, "You're DI'd."

He says, "But I didn't do it!"

We eventually politely disbanded, grabbed one of our guild tanks, Balendin, reformed with the PuG mage and had a wonderful quick run thereafter.

Of COURSE the Flame-Bathed Steel Girdle didn't drop for me. I just hope the Nexus isn't Kvasira's Heroic Hellfire Ramparts, Kathe's nemesis in the quest for the Tree-Mender's Belt.

I felt bad for the previous tank, because he was TRYING so very hard. I know nothing about prot pally tanking. Kyuushi was helping him as best he could and told him where he could go to read up on it, as well as suggestions to maybe not tank in heroics first.

One day, we will meet up again, little Prot Pally and we will share a chortle over the misadventures of our youth! I have had my share of 'Oh God, am I really that stupid/bad/horrible?'. I won't SHARE them, because yegads, that would be embarassing, but it's happened.


  1. Sounds like that tank just needs some practice in some non-heroic instances. We all have to learn somewhere. One note though: for those Watcher pulls in Azjol'Nerub, the skirmishers drop aggro and become untauntable when they enrage. The tank should try and get them back when he can, but since they have a tendency to book it for the healer and backstab them for lots, there's only so much he can do there. Well, he could've put Hand of Protection on the healer, but then it likely would've just gone to one of the DPSers.

  2. Yeah, he was a nice enough guy, just doing something wrong. :)

    And we tried to burnt he skirmisher's first, wound up one of us DPS tanking it - if it was me or the DK, we were okay, but if it was the mage, oy.

    Hand of Protection works fine, except that then it's on cooldown. Stupid cooldown. :)

  3. Hmmmmmm...... so if I DI myself, do I die and get right back up? Cause when you DI someone....... you die...... and usually don't get up...... cause you DI'd someone who isn't you...... which is how the spell works..... never mind.