Thursday, January 15, 2009

Google it, just a little bit!

I was going through some old comments, being curious as I always am, and I stumbled upon a slew of comments (3) on my Paladin post about hit, crit, etc, etc.

One person thanked me for such a comprehensive guide!

Another said it wasn't so comprehensive, because they already saw some errors!

A third said that it was okay, but some things had changed since it was posted.

Which got me thinking... none of them were 'usual' readers of mine. Not that I mind this, but I was curious how they found me. I'm SURE I'm not listed as a 'go to' guide on any of the forums.

So I Googled it.

Kikidas - 4th hit.
Paladin Hit - 3rd hit.
Paladin Crit - 9th hit.
Paladin Expertise - 7th hit.
Retribution Paladin Hit - 10th page!
Retribution Paladin - I gave up at page 20.
Restoration Shaman - Page 4
Shaman Glyphs - top of page 2.
Affliction Warlock - Gave up at page 20!
Druid Tank - Gave up at page 5. (I started to get bored)

I know that I'm the only Kikidas listed on the armory. (I'm special.)
There are 2 Karitei (both me), 2 Kvasira and 2 Keyami.
There are 6 Kiljara, 34 Karika and 46 Kathe.
There are 81 Kava, 91 Keiji and 100 Kiya.

I'm a little surprised there are that many Keiji's. Did I stumble upon another 'made up' name that actually is a word? (I did that once, with the name Kiva)


And yes! Keiji is a Japanese musician!

Damn I'm good. Let's see who else I am. Kikidas is a golfer.

Kiljara is no one.

Kava is a herb. (I also "invented" this name before I knew it was a word.)

Keyami is nothing special, though Kayamy and Kayami are a Persion cat breeder and a clothing design.

Kvasira is deliberately based off the Norse god Kvasir.

Kathe ... apparently is a popular German name.

Karitei is another name I swiped from a religion.

Kiya is apparently an Egyptian queen, but I stole the name as a shortened version of Kiyamvir.

Karika appears to be my most famous name, given that it's a family name, a New Zealand historical figure, a songwriter/singer, a complicated philosophical idealogy from Buddhism? or a verse. I can't tell. And apparently just a common name. A man's name. But a name.

What is your Google?


  1. Frijona is the name of someone in Indonesia, but Frijona the Warlock is way more popular, and there is no one else in the Armory with her name. Sprynklez is apparently on twitter. There are four total characters named Sprynklez in Armory, none higher than level 28--two trolls and two gnomes. (Trolls?!) Cordelaine was named after the city Coeur d'Alene, Idaho where my grandfather was born, and that's what comes up first in Google. Cordelaine is also a Forsaken DK and an 80 Human Warlock. It's also the last name of a character in some old-school RPG. Hopefully Bliz doesn't make me try and change it for that reason.

  2. I had never googled my main's name, Syrana, before. (There are a ton on armory). First it asks me if I meant Syriana, but then it goes on to Syrana armory search, then my blog! Yay! /happy dance

    And apparently some people have this as a real name.

    And bummer that I cannot have another option for the "comment as". /shrug Oh well.


  3. To answer your initial question.... I linked here from BRK's blog.