Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heroics and Altisms

Of no surprise to anyone, I've rediscovered the joy of Heroics. Yesterday I ran three or four Heroics with a very nice trio of people, we kept switching out our last DPS with another of their guild members every run for some reason, from the Mighty Froggers on Alleria.

Their website by the way... it's in French. I'm linking it because it's also cool with the little buttons. (I'm easily amused)

I was worried when I first got in the group because they were speaking French, but they switched to English (at least in party chat) and invited me from one run to another.

So Zhiara the Bear, Frostdude the Mage and Gazou the Holy Pally -- Thanks guys!

And then of course, my 'usual group' formed and we waltzed through Utgard Pinnacle. We even got the My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time achievement.

Then our TANK (Posolutely) decided he'd rather go OUT and stare at drunk girls for a while. Pfft. Where's his sense of loyalty?!

So we had to hunt for another tank and just by luck picked up a lovely prot pally named Gamling. And then we ran Utgard Keep and Nexus.

Of course the belt didn't drop for me.

On a side note, I only have 5 more world drop JC recipes to go for Northrend. One is in regular Oculus, one is a drop off of mammoths in Storm Peaks and three are in Heroic VH, Heroic OK and Heroic HoS. Fun fun!

On a side side note, having my altisms linked to my husband (I can only play something linked with one of his characters) is helping reduce the sheer amount of ... leveling I'd be doing otherwise. If not for him, I'd have 7 level 73 people, 1 level 76 and 2 level 80's.



  1. Sooooo.... when you gonna level Kikidas some more? I look forward to tales of merrily running around in the frozen tundra and making every one die while they are fleeing terror. And you write better then I play.... so you should level your warlock so I can live vicarously through you instead of leveling my own warlock. You know you wanna!

  2. Actually, I started back on her yesterday. She's on the Wrathgate right now. I can't wait to hit the Undercity!

    I'm playing with my spell rotation right now, since I have two 'new' spells, UA and Haunt.

  3. Ohhhh! I like me some Haunt! Am I psychic or something? Whats going on here? I think I may have to level my lock too though.... he is looking so lonely... and the poor VW just wants to do my bidding....