Friday, July 23, 2010

A real post... Unsung Heroes

A game. Of course it's about a game! Silly.

My computer crashed and burned, so I'm on the old laptop. Work is going splendidly.

And life continues on.

We have a 8x7 corral in the living room for the bunnies, since we couldn't figure out how to cordon off the entertainment center and all the wires. Or the baseboards. :P

Fiver and Hazel are still fighting, though Fiver is indeed neutered now. Maybe slowly they'll stop... or rather, Hazel will stop. The little turd won't leave Fiver alone!

And the game... goes well. Boon is a wizard there too now. The game is flourishing. When I started, there were maybe 10 people on the game. Now we average probably 25+ individual players. We have maybe 35-40 PCs logged in (some are alts) every day.

It's ... fun. Work at times, since with a big playerbase now, everyone needs something. But fun. :)

It serves as a nice creative outlet for me. And a social game.

I have two great old (three if you count an NPC) favorite characters of mine there. Keisha Vorr, Kithan the Squib, and Yamuzi the Laboi.

*sigh happily*

Anyhoo... more to come, maybe. Not that anyone cares. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What... the... hey?

So, I check my blog and I find out my last post had 18 new comments, all with strange characters, with one comment reading: 'if the quantity is not a lot, I will hand carry it', or something to that effect.

So... I'm sorry, but I have to switch over to moderated comments only. Because I have no idea what people were using the comments section of my blog for, but I don't like it.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Fox News

Save me. We now have TV. And Fox News.

I've seen more of Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck than I ever wanted to, and it's only been three days!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Stories and Writers Block

I have several stories. And lots of writer's block to go with them!
I've read where people say that you just need to sit down and get the words out, no matter how bad they sound. I can't quite wrap my brain around that concept. If it doesn't read right the first time, I assume it's trash and just junk the whole thing.

My bad, I suppose. Ah well, we'll see where this new set of stories winds up.

As for other things... new job interview completed. Let's see where it goes. Whee!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cold Turkeys and Sunny Days

Just the facts, ma'am!

Surgery a success. Tumor removed. Bit of bone removed. Original ligaments kept. Knee stable. Medial gastrocnemius muscle transposed to cover resection site. Half the staples already out. Weight bearing again. Pain levels decreased overall. Annoying pins and needle feeling in entire foot that doc says is nerves responding to the inflammation. No chemotherapy on the table. Stopping all narcotics to try to get off of them completely.

Now the rest of it.

Life has been ... wow. Just a big bundle of wow. Good. Bad. In between.

Finished all the paperwork to try to get a Missouri License. Lots of red tape, and over 500 dollars! 300 for the Missouri State test, 80 for NAVLE score transfer, 10 for Wisconsin license 'good standing' letter, 10 for transcript from school, and then 160 to renew my Wisconsin license to make sure that I am in good standing.

Now, we just need to figure out where we're going, where I'm working, what I'm doing, and ... everything.

We have a lot of pets (5 'traditional pets', 2 'cage pets'), so finding a place to rent may be tough. Two small dogs, three cats. Two rabbits. One of whom I was planning on neutering the week after I got fired. Then I got fired. So he's not neutered. Which I don't like. But right now, really can't afford to pay for him to get neutered and I somehow can't see my former employer being the type to let me bring him in and neuter him myself. So it's going to have to wait. Until I have a job, or we can afford it.

In the last three weeks, we've been to 6 doctor's appointments. We're very good at getting D into and out of the car, knowing where to park and how to drive a wheelchair. Of significant disappointment is that the wheelchairs at the mall 1: don't have leg lifting apparatuses, 2: are only obtainable down a set of stairs (hello, I need a wheelchair. Just go down those stairs. What?) and 3: have a long red pole attached to them so you can't actually sit in them in the theater.

It has been very warm here. In fact, almost as warm here as it was in Florida when we were there! Which either means it's very very warm here, or Florida was unseasonably cold. Given that it was snowing in northern Florida at the time, I'd opt for the latter. Still, it means it's warm enough that the snow is starting to melt, and hopefully, we'll be crutch-free soon and can start taking walks with the dogs again.

I know this is a bland and boring update. Not at all fun or exciting to read. But I don't know anymore that I have things to say that are fun and exciting. Least of all for others to read! :)

On another random note: We got three helium balloons while D was in the hospital. On day 2 of having the balloons, one of them was already dying. Now, we're here, three weeks out. And the other two are still going strong. Explain that?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day ... I'm too lazy to look up what Valentine's Day used to mean. I only know what it means now.

Some people will say it's a day devoted to consumerism. I disagree. Sweetest Day on the other hand... ungh, don't get me started!

We should do this every day for our spouse, our partner, our significant other... for our friends, parents, siblings. Tell them you love them.

Enjoy the day with them.

Sit down and have a quiet chat.

Make the day special without having to do anything special. Love isn't candy. It isn't cards. It isn't flowers. It's in a gentle touch. It's in a friendly voice.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last Two Weeks: A Timeline

1/27/10: Dustin goes in for his bi-yearly scans for his synovial sarcoma. The last four years, they've found nothing. This time, they find something.

1/28/10: I get fired. (sorry, the correct term is 'let go')

1/28/10: I get a reply from an email about a job I sent out an inquiry about in November.

1/29/10: I discover that my books don't sell for very much. But sell them I am.

2/1/10: I get a job interview in three days for the job I sent out an inquiry about in November. The biopsy reports of the 'something' comes back: synovial sarcoma.

2/3/10: Two doctor appointments: the plastic surgeon who will be in charge of putting Dustin's leg back together after the orthopedic surgeon is done removing everything that the cancer is touching. And then we drive to Missouri.

2/4/10: An evening interview with the doc at the clinic. It lasts three hours!

2/5/10: A morning spent at the clinic with the doc. I leave after lunch because the temperature is rapidly dropping and it was slushing all morning. He asks if I'm interested, but he needs to know about Missouri licensing before he can offer anything.

2/6/10: We have farm-fresh eggs for breakfast. Dustin gets sick as a dog.

2/7/10: We're now both sick as dogs from the farm fresh eggs. But we have to drive back home.

2/8/10: We recover from the farm fresh eggs.

2/9/10: We fly out to Florida for vacation! We jump into the heated outdoor pool! It's in the 50's outside, but the pool is 75 degrees.

2/10/10: Busch Gardens!

2/12/10: The heated outdoor pool... wasn't heated. It was 65 degrees. We discovered this after we jumped in.

2/13/10: We fly home.

Next up:

2/16/10: Surgery. They're removing part of the bone, hopefully retaining his medial collateral ligament. They're going to try to do a muscle flap with his medial gastrocnemius muscle and a skin graft from his thigh. He'll be in the hospital for hopefully no more than 5 days, during which time, we will hopefully be meeting with an oncologist, a physical therapist and a psychologist/counselor.

I have yet to hear back from the guy I interviewed with, after I gave him the info on a Missouri license. By now, however, he's at a conference and won't be back for a week. Additionally, he was very much the type of guy who would say 'We aren't interested anymore', if he wasn't, without any delays. So I'm not that worried about it.

I have other things to worry about.


As some may have noticed, not only did my blogging about WoW drop off rapidly, but eventually I stopped blogging altogether!


But I'm going to try to be back and I'm going to be working on revamping this blog. I'm contemplating making a NEW blog, but I already have TWO that I ignore. Having THREE that I neglect would just get me in deeper with the ASPCB. American Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Blogs. Or something.

Yeah. Lame. Sorry.

So, here's my official notice... this blog is going to be reworked. Somehow. Somewhere. Someway.