Monday, February 2, 2009

Sapphiron, Elders and Warlocks

The other day in our weekly Naxx-10, we not only downed Gluth for the second time as a guild, but then proceeded to one shot Thaddius, a boss we've never seen before but practiced for a LOT in Tempest Keep: Mechanar.

Of course, then we portaled out after Thaddius and got teleported immediately to Sapphiron's lair.

So, here's our newbie guild, no frost resist gear what-so-ever, and we're in Sapphiron's Lair.

We wipe a few times learning how to ice-block and dealing with his chill ability. The constant stream of damage from the AoE aura also didn't help any.

We're going back in to take another shot at him. Our OT is going to respec DPS for the evening and we're going to take 1 tank, 3 healers and 6 DPS.

In other news, the only thing Kvasira needs now to get the Elder title are the Elders in the Northrend Dungeons. While I was going around and getting Elders, I also earned the World Explorer title.

And then in my final bit of news, Kikidas is less than 1/4 bubble from 78. Exciting, I know. I have this plan to see if I can ding on exploration discovery XP.

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  1. On an FYI: the reason we had so much trouble with Sapp this particular time is that he was bugged. We were taking TWO hits from his frost aura raid wide per tick. No idea why.

    We had him like cake the next week.