Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rogue vs. Retadin

I don't have anything interesting to post today, not really, because yesterday I was tabletopping.

So I will instead relate something that happened a few days ago. I took my rogue into AV, to try to nab a few achievements, hoping to loot a bunch of storm crystals and stuff, wind up dying as I surely would, and get sent back to defense where I could turn it in for reputation.

Instead, I somehow found myself solo-defending IBT.

Naturally, I'm nervous. Kava has no PvP gear other than the Brutal Gladiator's Gloves, and I've never been particularly skilled at PvPing, despite my Retadin's success at it.

Now, I am going to assume that the person who came running up the tower was a retadin. It was a BElf Paladin. He had a big two hander on his back.

He came running around the doorway and *sap*.

*cheap shot*
-- 110 energy --
*shiv* *mutilate* *mutilate*
*kidney shot*
*mutilate* *mutilate*
*cold blood* *eviscerate*
Honor Kill

I was stunned.. as he was, undoubtedly!

Now, I didn't notice, was he level 70 or not? No idea. I'm guessing not, because I really can't imagine that I took down a level 70 retadin THAT fast.

But I chortled to myself as IBT burned.

And I've always HATED rogues that stunlocked me. You know... cheap shot, kidney shot - vanish - cheap shot, kidney shot and dead.

Was it cool? Yes. Was it efficient? Sure! Was it all that fun? Not if I did it all the time. Wouldn't that get to the point where it feels like shooting fish in a barrel? Where's the thrill? Where's the excitement? Where's the MUAHAHAHAHA! moment?

Either way... I am the party star!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Assassination: Kava

It has been a while since Kava got some love.

Way back in 'nilla WoW, she was subtlty/assassination. This was before I knew about websites and talent calculators and when it was just me and Boon duo-ing the world.

I read somewhere, and no, I don't remember where or who or when, but somewhere... about Assassination being the 'new' Combat. By that, since pre-patch Combat was considered the raid spec, I took to mean that assassination would be the new raid spec.

So I took a looksee down assassination to see what there was to see. I wish I could post my build, except that Blizzard's armory seems to think Kava is currently a talentless hack. So I can't. Other than to say that I'm now an assassin.

A few things I've learned while fiddling with assassination:
- sometimes my DPS is in the 500's. Sometimes it's peaking over 1000. The difference depends on how many extra combo points I get back, energy return, and the randomness of crit chance. Some of it also depends on attack rotation, which I don't have down just yet. I'm working on it. Any suggestions, speak up!

- Mutilate and Backstab cost the same energy to use (60). Backstab requires you to be behind the target and have a dagger in your main hand. It does more damage on a hit/crit. Mutilate does not require you to be behind the target, nor does it indicate that you need a dagger in your main hand (not sure if it does or does not, since Kava uses daggers, but the tooltip is quiet on the issue). It does somewhat less damage on a hit/crit (100/400) but gives you 2 combo points. It does additional damage if the target is poisoned too.

- Hunger for Blood gives you a 6% increased damage when stacked 3 times. You can keep it up indefinately between fights, just make sure to not lose it when in the heat of battle. (It also does not work pre-arena, you have to activate it once the doors open. Why? I don't know.)

- Cut to the Chase gives you a 100% chance to refresh your Slice and Dice to a full 5 point duration. What does this mean? You open with any move that gives you one (or two) combo points. You hit slice and dice. If you're lucky, Ruthlessness will give you a combo point and you can immediately eviscerate or envenom. This will turn your 7s Slice and Dice into a 20s Slice and Dice. Or you can open, slice and dice, mutilate and if you time it right, before your original S&D wears off, you eviscerate or envenom then for more damage and still 20s on your slice and dice.

- If your S&D is up, and your Hunger for Blood is up, and your tank is chain pulling and you don't have time to stealth, or decide to NOT stealth... you can run up, mutilate (and if you have Vigor) wait a heartbeat, mutilate again and wind up with a 4 point combo right away. Which is very nice and makes the tanks twitch. Which is always fun to do.

Some thoughts:
- Is it more beneficial to mutilate to start, then just hit eviscerate if ruthlessness procs until it no longer procs? Or is it more beneficial to mutilate, mutilate then eviscerate. And if ruthlessness procs, just means you get a 5 point combo instead of a 4 point combo? I'm not good at the theorycrafting behind the numbers. So I can't figure it out, even though I have access to the formula.

- I haven't taken points in Deadly Brew or the other poison specific ones. If I did, would envenom then become my finishing move of choice? What are other rogue's thoughts on poisons?

As always, thoughts, comments and criticisms are welcome!

(And no, when I originally made the concept of an assassin named Kava, I did not know about the drink, kava. Kava'Ashen was the name of a character in a short story I wrote when I was in highschool/college. When I started WoW and made a rogue, naturally the name Kava was what I picked.)

Spread the Word: Retribution Paladin Reworked

This little thing is courtesy of someone named Peregrine.

Whether or not it will ever be seen? Whether or not it will ever be tested?

Who knows! But take a looksee and give yourself some nice daydreams about if it were true.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Discipline Priest

Granted, Karazhan has been nerfed, and our group is way overgeared for it...

... but Discipline Priest is fun. And has good utility!

Now, when the dual-spec ability becomes available, maybe I'll do something else, but for right now, Disc gives me the utility that I want.

A holy paladin, for the most part, can't DPS. A holy priest, for the most part, can't DPS. A discipline priest can heal when healing is required and DPS when healing is not required.

Granted, I will not be putting out the numbers that a Shadow Priest can put out, but if there isn't a need for two healers at the moment... I can push 400 DPS, and that's with probably a crappy rotation and I know for a fact that I wasn't chain-casting. Imagine what I could do if I actually tried?

The things about Disc that I'm enjoying... the mana regen. Nummy nummy mana regen. I get mana back when I heal. I get mana back when I shield. I use less mana when I cast. I have more mana total. I get more mana back when casting. With the disappearance of downranking (I used to downrank alllllllll the time. I never ran out of mana, but that was because I healed you for just as much as you needed, and barely a whit more. Was I always casting? Yes. But I was efficient, damnit! Now I either overheal, or wait until you drop 4-5k health before I cast. Actually... I've started to dance. I start a heal... esc. Start a heal... esc. Until it's time to let the heal actual go through. Oy.) this is a yummy yummy aspect to Discipline that I'm getting a kick out of. I still don't have mana issues. Which the mana issue wasn't as big of a deal as people were crying it would be, but I'm still happy to see my mp5 while not casting is 800+ buffed, and 300 when casting buffed. (500/someothernumber notcasting/casting unbuffed). It makes for a happy priest.

I don't have my priest loaded right now, so I can't give particulars, but I have a threat reduction that can be applied not only to any person in the party/raid, but also then reduces the damage that person takes. Pain Suppression, iirc. (And it's too late for me to go linking things, sorry.)

My improved divine spirit not only increases your spirit, but increases your spell power by 100% of the spirit increase.

My heals provide you with 1-3% damage reduction and 2-6% increased healing from me (Grace, stacks up to 3 times).

I can power infuse someone (or myself!) for better DPS (or healing!) every 3 minutes. This is basically an extra trinket.

Now, I realize this post makes almost no real sense nor does it have a true goal other than for me to bubble about my disc priest... But keep some things in mind. 1: I'm running on 2days with only 3 hours of sleep and 2: It's 12:30am and I'm finally sleepy, so I'm going to crash.

Have a great evening, Azeroth.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Achievement: Well Read

Over half of the books listed in the Well Read Achievement are found in three dungeons: Scholomance carries the greatest amount of books, followed by Live Stratholme and Scarlet Monastery: Library. Some are found in multiple places. I don't have ALL multiples listed, but I will list known multiples.

(The Horde do have their own list where books that seem Alliance exclusive are found in Horde controlled areas or cities. However, I cannot confirm those places... as I have no Hordelings. However, if you're trying to find those locations, wowhead is a great source for the locations. Yes, wowhead does have things in it other than cool gear links.)

Scholomance, Live Stratholme, Scarlet Monastery Library

Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt (also found in SW Library)
Aftermath of the Second War (SW Library)
Arathor and the Troll Wars (Expedition Library in IF)
Archimonde's Returns and the flight to Kalimdor
Beyond the Dark Portal (Booty Bay, 4th floor inn)
Civil War in the Plaguelands (Expedition Library)
Exile of the High Elves (Darnassus, by the rogue trainers)
Icecrown and the Frozen Throne
Kel'Thuzad and the Forming of the Scourge
Kil'Jaeden and the Shadow Pact (Darkshire)
Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor
Rise of the Blood Elves
Sargeras and the Betrayel
The Birth of the Lich King
The Dark Portal and the Fall of Stormwind
The Founding of Quel'Thalas (Darkshire)
The Invasion of Draenor
The Lich King Triumphant
The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (Expedition Armory)
The Scourge of Lordaeron (Booty Bay, McKinley's Basement)
The Seven Kingdoms
The War of the Ancients
The World Tree and the Emerald Dream
War of the Spider
War of the Three Hammers (Expedition Library)

Ironforge (Expedition Library)
Charge of the Dragonflights
Ironforge - the Awakening of the Dwarves (Thelsemar)
Rise of the Horde
The Alliance of Lordaeron (Darkshire, SW Library)
The Battle of Grim Batol (Menethil)

Stormwind Library
The Guardians of Tirisfal
The Kaldorei and the Well of Eternity
The New Horde

Booty Bay
Empires' Fall (McKinley's Basement)
Sunwell - The Fall of Quel'Thalas (2nd floor inn)
The Sentinels and the Long Vigil (above McKinley, enter the house next to him, go up and over)
The Twin Empires (McKinley's Basement)
Wrath of Soulflayer (McKinley's Basement)
(Who knew McKinley was such a big reader?)

Lethargy of the Orcs (Eastvale Logging Camp)
Mount Hyjal and Illidan's Gift (Auberdine, Darkshire, Ratchet)
The Betrayer Ascendant (Darnassus, Trade Terrace, 3rd Bldg, back row)
The Last Guardian (Thelsamar @ Mining Trainer, Westfall Inn or Karazhan)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Achievements... on whom?

The advent of achievements has changed game play for many people. Gone are the humbug burnout issues. People are on and feverishly attempting to do as many achievements as they possibly can!

Don't get me wrong, this is good. Keeps you interested in the game until they can release the expansion. Makes you go see old content you may never have seen (like myself with the old world raids), makes you go do things you otherwise may have not done - like level secondary professions!

For people with one or maybe two main characters... this is heaven! For people with alts, especially if we honestly don't have a 'favorite' alt... this is a horrible pickle.

Who do we get the achievements on? Some of them, anyone can do. Some of them you get just by playing the game.

But who do you have go after the 50 mounts? The rare spawns? The 'can probably only complete this with one character... this year.'?

Do I take Kikidas, Kathe? What about Kiljara or Kvasira? Kava and Kiya? My two newbs, Karika and Karitei? WHO?! I like to play them all.

So I looked at who had what... Kathe has some achievements that I probably won't get anywhere else, like the Champion of the Naaru achievement. Spirit of Competition (a few others have that, as well). But Kava and Kiljara actually have more pets. Kiya is the only one who has fishing and cooking leveled. Kikidas went and got the Jenkins achievement the other night.

Do I really want to 'explore' every nook and cranny of the entire world on EVERYONE? Oy.

Do I really want to complete every old world dungeon on EVERYONE? Granted, shouldn't take long, but still.

So I have decided to split the tasks. Kvasira is my PvP/Hallowed achiever. Kathe and Kikidas will be my old world/new world dungeon/raid achiever. Kiljara and Kava will be my pet achievers and possibly mount with Kava since she has access to horses. Likewise, Kathe may also be a mount achiever, since she has access to the Talbuks. Kiya will be my cooking/fishing achiever.

The rest will come along, as the events happen or as the achievements come rolling across.

Boon has it easier. By far and away Boon has the most 'stuff', and he enjoys that character, by far and away, the most of them all. Which is not to say that he doesn't enjoy his other characters, but Boon is his go-to guy. So Boon will be achieving EVERYTHING.

This is fun.

Oh, there's a really nice spot for the 'Going Down?' achievement, though it requires either Scryer neutrality or a flying mount to get to. You jump from it, and voila! Achievement gained. And you're still alive. Bonus. It's hard to explain, but it's the ledge that's to the left from the Scryer elevator, if you're facing the elevator. Run and jump and success will be yours!

That or get a friendly paladin to help you out. No fair. Pally bubbles work, but Levitate and Slow Fall do not? I cry foul!

Friday, October 17, 2008

7500 DPS in H.MrT!

Okay, sure... it was on the little arcane worms and I was SoCing my little heart out... but it was so very pretty to see!

My first instance running deep affliction with Kikidas with the new 51 point talent and ... wow, you don't have time to do anything but CoE-Haunt-UA-Imm-Cor-SL-SB... before you have to start recasting everything again!

I have to play with my rotation, very obviously. Because most mobs were dying before I was done casting even one 'rotation'. I've always been a fan of Corr-SBspam for trash. Boss fights, once that last a while longer, I need to figure out the best rotation for spell casting. Since I'm new to both Haunt AND Unstable Affliction, I need to figure out how to work their cooldowns in with everything else I need to do. It would also help if I could get my DoTimer up and running again.

Overall, my average DPS was 920something. Which is about 100 more than I typically run in your 'average' run.

The boost to tank threat is more than enough to offset my loss of blessing of salvation. I only pulled aggro from Owaru once or twice, and then only because I was being a baaaaaad baaaaaad DPS.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The one, the only... Kikidas!

If you do a search for Kikidas on the armory... you get just one. Me. I'm special. That and I will hunt you down and destroy you if you take my name.

It's mine. My own. My precious!

With the advent of the new and improved 51 point talents, my hybrid spec has gone the way of the dodo and $1.99 gas.

The question became, which spec do I pick? I've always been fond of affliction. I've only been demonology once, and that was way back in 'classic wow'. And even then, I was a hybrid with a lot of points in affliction.

Why do I like affliction so very much? People think of warlocks and they think fire and brimstone and demons! When I think of warlocks, I think of DoTs that just don't stop and life tap and drain life and siphon life. That aspect of play to me is so much more satisfying. Because otherwise I should just roll a mage! And I have one of those already, thanks though!

(I jest, there is more to a shadowmage or firelock than spamming ranged spells. I can't think of what they are, but I'm sure there's more to it.)

And for a while, it bothered me that the only love affliction locks got was as a 'raid buff' character. Oh? Are you affliction? Do you have malediction? No. You suck. Go away.

Now, while the role of the affliction lock has been locked in place as a raid buff character by raid wide Blood Pact, the love that affliction locks have recieved makes me giggle.. chortle.. gleefully contemplate killing stuff with Kikidas again.

I'm not one to just go off of what other people say that I should do with talent specs. Do I read? Yes. Do I think about what I read? Yes. But it's my choice .. which explains my hybrid spec that no one else seemed to have other than a footnote in WoWWiki.

My new spec is deep affliction... (and keep in mind, the talent tree that is currently used on the website is outdated) because who could pass up a 51 point talent like Haunt? Let me think... I can damage the target, increasing my DoT damage by 20%, and then I get healed for 100% of the damage that I just did?

Yes please!

And all the spell damage boosts and a few haste boosts and oh, it's just yummy. What I need is for recount to work again so I can judge how well I'm doing comparatively.

I do believe this patch got rid of a lot of hybrid specs that were floating around, because in order to get to the 'defining' spells or abilities, we have to sink more points into the tree. And then at that point, it's worth it to just keep going.

My only class that so far I have that did NOT take the 51 point talent is my priest. But I'll talk about that later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Goodies!

No, I haven't had a chance to play with them yet. Alleria was down all day yesterday, and those brief periods it was up, there were no NPC's or in some cases, even no PCs!

I did, however, take a look at some of the talent trees that were on Not sure if they're 100% accurate, but at least I have some idea of what I'm going to do with my characters when I do manage to get on. The laptop at work is still installing! If I had been smart, I'd have brought it home with me on my day off and downloaded/installed yesterday. But no one has ever accused me of being smart.

The one thing I hope is a quirk that will get fixed is that the first time I got Kathe on, I tried the mount/vanity pet thing. And I 'learned' my mounts - one striped frostsaber, one swift mist (iirc) frostsaber and a white riding talbuk, as well as my pets - one spirit of competition, one whiteone kitten and one green winged macaw.

Then I got booted. I got back on briefly before bed and managed to make it to IF (to go play at the barber shop), but 1: my mounts and pets had disappeared and 2: the barber shop doesn't have anything fun for NElf females. Not like the Fox Tail for human men! *pout*

Hopefully 1 will be resolved and in regards to 2... I get to keep my long flowing helmet hair.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kathe, Champion of the Naaru

So, in a heroic run to get the 'I wuz here' tag, we did all the heroics to get the Trial of the Naaru quests done. And then at 7 server tonight, we, as a guild first, downed Magtheridon. And in one shot. And with no missed clicks. With new people running the clickers.

It was a beautiful thing.

In the course of turning in the Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon quest, some of us got the Champion of the Naaru title and others didn't... and we discovered the missing component! The Cudgel of Kardesh!

Egads, we said, thankfully before we did Gruul. So, since there were several of us in the raid that had also not done the Cudgel of Kardesh, a group of five of us splintered off from the raid and cleared to the quest giver in Heroic Slave Pens in 15 minutes. Then we summoned the people who needed the quest in, one by one.

And THEN we hit Gruul's. We one shot (barely!) High King... we had some odd issues, but as I was MTing the High King, I couldn't see what they were, other than jokingly Boon said, "It's just tanks and healers alive."

We two-shot Gruul's, as we had some issues with people standing in the Cave Ins and doing group therapy with Gronn's Grasp or whatever it is called.

The first time we did it... he was at 20 growths and growing, at 15% life. The second time, we did just peachy keen and fine.

So, we said... that's one half of the Cudgel. We still need Nightbane. And tonight is usually our Kara night and tomorrow is our ZA night! Oh noes! What will we do?

What we do is we grab a paladin tank, put together a group of the rest of us that need Nightbane and we zerg Karazhan. We take out Moroes and the Opera like we're taking a walk in the park and then we go and wipe the terrace with Nightbane.

And then we go BACK to Slave Pens, reclear the trash, and turn in the quest.

And FINALLY... I am Kathe, Champion of the Naaru!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Age and Experience

In our efforts to get everyone ready to down Magtheridon on Saturday for the Champion of the Naaru title, we had one large and one medium hurdle to cross, one that no one was looking forward to...

The timed heroic Shattered Halls and the heroic Shadow Labs runs.

But we decided to try the SH run tonight so if we failed, we would still have two more shots at it.

The lineup was Kathe as tank, Kyuushi as lazer-turkey, Boon as healer, Neshura as hunter and a S4 rogue that we picked up off the LFG channel named Tappout.

We roared through it, saved the Captain, with 13 minutes to spare. Our Unused Axe of the Executioner was really unused. We saved all three.

In the past, we could never get that far, that fast. It took too long, or too many deaths. Is it gear? Is it experience in knowing who to kill, how to kill, where to stand, when to pull?

Gear certainly plays a role, no one will deny that. But I think it's also experience! And kickassedness. (And this bear can't wait for improved swipe mechanics. Because AoE tanking those big pulls in both those instances SUCKS. Especially with trigger happy DPS!)

We completed it in an hour. We entered at 7pm. We finished at 8pm.

So we said... let's try to knock out Slabs!

And we finished that in just over an hour with only one wipe in Blackheart's room. Naturally, in Murmur's hokey-pokey, we lost the two DPS who had never been in Heroic Slabs before, Neshura and Tappout. We almost lost Boon, who had also never been in there before, but holy paladins are sturdy critters.

The rogue was too far in, it looks like the hunter died too far out. The paladin grumped, 'Just how far out do I need to get?'

It's easier for me as the tank. I just go one step past charge range. Then step in once. Similar to knowing how far out to be for melee. Go one step past lacerate/mangle range. Then step in once. It's surprisingly far out. As I always tell new melee to slabs (regular or heroic), his hitbox is much larger than his targetting circle. Too many new melee are standing INSIDE the boss and never get out in time.

(This is similar to my views on spacing melee DPS for Prince in Karazhan. One step out is too far, step in once. As long as you don't take forever responding to enfeeble, and don't run into an infernal, you'll live.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just ran Kvasira through Stratholme, helping a guildy who has never been there before.

That or they just wanted a shot at the Baron's Mount. Who knows?

Either way... so much fun.

Now, a new level 80 5-man dungeon in the Caverns of Time, brings Stratholme back to the leading edge of dungeon crawling fun.

Now, I have never played WCIII, so I don't know the full storyline. What I do know of it is that Stratholme was infected by the plague and Arthas didn't want the city to become a bastion of the Scourge. So he ordered it purged and when Uther said 'No way, psycho-boy', Arthas did it himself. (And took the first step down the path that led him to become the Lich King. (Similar to Anakin Skywalker slaughtering a whole bunch of poor innocent Tusken Raiders just going about being all tusken raidery as being his first step down the road to the Dark Side.))

What I'm a little uncomfortable with, but will try at least once (or as many times as it takes to get whatever loot I want from the instance.) is the idea that I'm part of the purge, because not everyone in Stratholme is undead and evil? Surely some people were innocent. I'd be very upset if the game had me killing poor innocent people who weren't infested and who were just trying to survive.

There are restless souls in Stratholme of today. I don't want to be part of what put them there.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last Push to 70

My stated goal is to have 9 level 70's by the time Wrath hits. As you can see from the sidebar, I'm 7/9. The last two I have sworn to only level with their appropriate Boon-alt-companions.

In this case, Karika the resto shaman with Diathim the enhancement shaman, and Karitei the fire mage with Kenshiro the feral druid.

An added aside, we only really level Karika and Diathim with a real life friend of ours, who is playing a retribution paladin named Vialora.

Just three days ago, Karitei was in her mid-50's. And then boom, suddenly Boon decided, "I want to rawr." and so we dusted them off, stuck them in quest-rich areas and BOOM, before we knew it, we were running the familiar paths of Hellfire.

Maybe I'll get my goal completed.

Boon asks me, "What are you going to do when all your characters are 70, and you have no one to level with me?" ... that's what power leveling is for, my friend! And PvPing. And quest-reward-hunting. And instancing.

Too bad they don't let you start DK's at level 1. Because I'd so do that.

Pure Warlocky Awesomeness

A few people in our guild have decided one last hoorah to try to get the Champion of the Naaru title. Which means doing the Cipher of Damnation quests out in Shadowmoon Valley.

Boon needed to get the Ciphers done. And that means killing Ruul. And we're out there and we're advertising to try to get a few more people to come kill Ruul. It was early enough that our usual crew weren't home yet.

So Boon looks at me, I was Kikidas at the time, and says, "I think we can duo him."

And I say, "Are you nuts?"

And then I pop my trinkets and go to town. Boon, being a paladin, just keeps healing me. And I just keep dark pacting and life tapping and keep killing and killing and killing.

And he's down.

And then one of our guildies comes online and needs to get Gorefiend's armor from the undead dragon. And the tank we bring out there with us doesn't have the spectrecles, nor has ever done the volcanic ash quest to even make them.

So I say, "I'll tank!" and I pop my trinkets and go to town.

<3 warlocks.

(A little nervous here about the life tap 'nerf'. I loves me my life tap.)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Terrain Advantages

WSG seems pretty even in terms of terrain advantages.

Arathi Basin sucks in terms of terrain advantages for the Alliance. The trio of nodes that is the easiest to defend is the Farm, Blacksmith and the Lumber Mill. A defending group can sit at the crossroads by those three and get to the flag of any one of their nodes within seconds.

If the Alliance get the 'same' trio - Stable, Lumber Mill and Blacksmith, we don't get the same crossroad effect, since there isn't a road on the LM/ST side of the blacksmith. If we do get the trio with the road, ST GM and BS... the flag to the BS is way across the way from the road, rather than 'right there'. And the flag to the ST isn't anywhere as close to the crossroads by the GM/BS as the flag to the farm is by the crossroads to the LM/BS.

Advantage: Horde.

In Eye of the Storm, things seem pretty even in terms of distances and locations. Towers and Ruins. Albeit, I think it's easier to defend BET than it is to defend MT.

In Alterac Valley, advantage is split. There are some things that seem Alliance-friendly and others that seem Horde-friendly.

Towers ... oh god do the Horde have it easy? We have to defend the flag in this cramped little room where we don't have LOS on the people coming up until they're IN THE DOORWAY AND SPAMMING HOWL OF TERROR (or psychic scream), where we then go hoofing it all the way down the ramp without LOS to the people capping the flag to hit them without having to be two feet away from them.

The Bunkers are made to be taken! This wide open space, where you can hit a recapper from one floor down. Where you can do the ring around the rosy dance around the open windows to hit a capper, get out of LOS, hit a capper, get out of LOS.

Our RH is a bit easier to defend, in my opinion and it's closer to Van's bunker. Nice wide open area. The horde RH is a bit harder to defend and it's further from Drek's room. There's a bridge and a valley near it, so you can easily get LOS issues. The flip side is that a Horde could easily ninja their RH back from us if people are preparing for Drek because it is out of los of Drek's room. It's harder for us to ninja our RH back because it's RIGHT THERE by Van's room.

The way to the RH is also easier for Alliance to defend. You can easily see people coming across that one little bridge and a line of people across it can hold it. The Horde have the stupid little bunker you have to run through, which makes it great for them to ambush us, but I think easier for us to funnel through and have people sneak by while most of them are busy with the vast majority of people rushing the RH.

It is also easier for us to cap Snowfall Graveyard. Is this because our battlegroup traditionally has the Alliance riding down the western side of the map and the Horde riding up the eastern side? Do other battlegroups find that the Horde ride up the western side and the Alliance down the eastern side?

I was just thinking this as I was in a (yet another losing) Arathi Basin and the Horde had us three capped with the Farm, Blacksmith and Lumber Mill, and someone said 'How are they at every node no matter what node we hit?'. That's how. The magical trio and crossroads. Keep three defenders at each node and the rest can respond instantly. Three should be enough to keep the flag safe until the rest can reach it.

If only the Horde were prettier! Blood Elves... you don't count because both your genders are pretty and that's just wrong!

KoU eats Zul'Aman

The lineup: Owaru, Kathe, Boon, Janril, Orzag, Micromachine, Gobblez, Absitively, Kaggomi, Neshura. (paladin, druid, paladin, priest, priest, mage, rogue, warlock, shaman, hunter.)

The breakdown: Got timed chest from Nalorakk. Got timed chest from Akil'zon. Downed Jan'alai on the third attempt. One shot Halazzi.

That's right. 4 ZA bosses in 2 hours.

Hex Lord Malacrass is next. I think we're going to give him a shot tonight actually, though we don't usually go in a second time in ZA. We're going to try to get the same crew together and give him a go.

In terms of DPS, I think we have the required numbers. In terms of tanking, I'm confident there too. In terms of healing.. well, we have Boon.

What I think is going to get us is that he's a new boss, that requires a lot of fancy footwork. I think the learning curve is going to make him a good attempt, but not a downed ZA boss for KoU.

I hope I'm wrong because man, that would be awesome.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So, in an effort to stave off pre-expansion blues, Ravensfire, an officer in our guild, organized a ZG run.

In it's prime, no one to my knowledge, in my guild, has ever completed ZG. And this gives us an idea of what it will be like when we're 80 and looking back at ZA...

We walked through the place. The only time we wiped was when we got a bit too cocky and pulled a few too many mobs at once - the Blood Drinkers? and the Hakkari Priests. Too many priests = nothing dying but us.

The best part was when Boon, who was specced Ret at the time, was taken over by the jinxed hoodoo pile or whatever and two-shot a few of the people in our raid.

Alas, alas... we had to kill him to end his spree. So sad. Too bad.

So... ZA seems like an upgraded version of ZG... bosses that have animal sides to them, turn into quasi-animal spirits...

Makes you wonder what 'Zul' is coming next? Zul'Gozer? The end boss is a giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was talking to someone in the game the other day and I said EotS.

And he said, "Oh. Okay."

.. pause ..

"What's an EotS?"

Keep in mind, said person is a level 65. He assumed it was an 'over time' something. Like Hots, Dots, etc.

So it made me think about how many acronyms we use in our gaming lifestyle that people who are new to the system or not involved at all would look at us like we were insane.

Let's get a list started, shall we?


BG: Battleground

AV: Alterac Valley

- And then there are all the acronyms inside Alterac Valley. The most important ones are SHGY, IBGY, TP, IBT, FWGY and FWRH.
- As in: Don't retake SHGY, take IBGY, leave a full group in TP and IBT, don't cap FWGY and hit the FWRH!

AB: Arathi Basin

- GM : Gold Mine
- LM : Lumber Mill
- BS : Blacksmith
- FM : Farm
- ST : Stable

WSG: Hordesong Gulch... erm, Warsong Gulch

- EFC: Enemy Flag Carrier
- FC: Flag Carrier
- GY: Graveyard

EOTS: Eye of the Storm

- MT : Mage Tower
- FRR : Fel Reaver Ruins
- BET : Blood Elf Tower
- DR : Draenei Ruins


JC : Jewelcrafter
BS : Blacksmith
LW: Leatherworker

There are obviously more professions than that, but those are the only ones commonly abbreviated to this extreme.

DM : Dire Maul OR Dead Mines
VC : Van Cleef/Dead Mines
ST : Sunken Temple
UBRS: Upper Black Rock Spire
LBRS: Lower Black Rock Spire
BRD: Black Rock Depths
RFK : Razor Fen Kraul
RFD : Razor Fen Downs
ZG: Zul'Gurub
ZA: Zul'Aman
AQ: Ahn'Qiraj
BT: Black Temple
TK: Tempest Keep
MrT: Magister's Terrace
SSC: Serpentshrine Cavern
MH: Mount Hyjal
UB : Underbog
SP : Slave Pens
SV : Steam Vault
BF : Blood Furnace
MT : Mana Tombs
RFC: Rage Fire Chasm
WC: Wailing Caverns

The other instances aren't acronyms, merely abbreviated.

General / Class

LFG: Looking For Group
PST: Please Send Tell
PvP: Player Versus Player
PvE: Player Versus Environment
CC: Crowd Control
DPS: Damage Per Second
TPS: Threat Per Second
HPS: Health Per Second
MPS: Mana Per Second
MP5: Mana Per 5 Seconds
MT: Main Tank
OT: Off Tank
SL/SL: Soul Link/Siphon Life
BM : Beast Master
MM : Marksman
SoC: Seed of Corruption
AI/AB: Arcane Intellect/Arcane Brilliance
SWP: Shadow Word Pain
SWD: Shadow Word Death
VE/VT: Vampiric Embrace/Vampiric Touch
MOTW/GOTW: Mark of the Wild/Gift of the Wild (aka: paws)
BoK/BoW/Bo(add letter here): Blessing of Kings/Blessing of Wisdom/Blessing of Add Blessing Here
SS: Soul Stone
HS: Health Stone
IMP: Infinite Mana Potion (Dark Pact 'Locks Only)
OMG: Oh my God
IIRC: If I recall correctly
AFAIK: As far as I know
AFK: Away from keyboard
BBL: Be Back Later
BBIAB: Be Back in a Bit
OMGWTFBBQ: oh my god what the fudge bar-b-que
LoL/KeK: Laughs Out Loud/Horde: Laughs Out Loud
ROFL: Rolls on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO: Rolls on the floor laughing my ass off
WotLK: Wrath of the Lich King
BC: Burning Crusade
IF: Ironforge
SW: Stormwind
UC: Undercity
HH : Honor Hold
CE: Cenarian Expedition
KOT: Keepers of Time
LC: Lower City
POM: Prayer of Mending
COH: Circle of Healing (City of Heroes)

And honestly, I could probably keep going, but I'm getting bored and this is getting unwieldy. Think of some of your own. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PvP Honor NOT Being Reset

Yes, or so says WoW Insider.

So all the PvP guilds that stopped PvPing... get back at it.

For all the people who took the last few weeks since the news was announced that it WOULD be reset to PvP like the end of the world was coming... or at least the end of the honor points you had saved up... you can stop now.

I'm at a loss myself. But PvPing is something I can do to better my character without having to group up and invest a ton of time in at any given time. If I have to do something else, and often I do since I tend to PvP while I'm at work... I can idle out, or afk out, or just take two minutes and not have to have a group of people waiting specifically on me.

The question is... should I continue to PvP with Kvasira? Kiya is feeling no love. And of my 70's, she's the least geared. Kava has some Karazhan epics. Kiljara, Kikidas and Kathe... you three just shut up.

Keyami... sorry girl, you're still on the back burner, at least for now. Maybe I'll dust you off and play with you... some day. But my tanking desires are taken care of with Kathe right now... it isn't that I don't love you, baby... I just need something else right now. It isn't you. It's me.