Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, in the vein of K being oblivious about appropriate versus inappropriate commentary (This is no shock to anyone, I do it all the time! Open mouth, insert foot.), I hereby erase from your memories anything about my previous post! It did not exist. It was all a bad dream. *waggles fingers*

But I still ask... What do we classify as a main? It's a running joke with many people about altitis and altisms and altaholics. Some of them have a main, a very distinct person they prefer to run as.

Others (and I include myself in this), don't have a favorite character as much as a favorite TYPE of character.

I call it a shaladruilock!

No, seriously.

For healing, right now I prefer my shaman.

For melee DPS, I prefer my paladin.

For caster DPS, I'm still a warlock, though if my mage was high enough, that may change.

And for tanky stuff, I still like being a fuzzybutt bear.

So, honestly, I consider it that I have four mains. Granted, only two of them are 80 right now, but I can only do so much! I don't have unlimited time, y'know.

Who I bring to a given situation depends on the situation... not to mention right now level! But that will change. And soon ... yes soon... I shall have 10 level 80s.

Don't roll your eyes. It will happen.

The idea of being confined into one skin makes me twitch. There are people who do it, and are happy with it, and I applaud them for that! But I think I'd wind up leaving WoW if I had to just be one person, one thing, all the time.

One of the things that keeps me coming back to WoW, that we haven't left it for some other game... is just that. It's endless variety in what you can do, with what character you can do it with. The challenges of doing something to see if you can.

Such fun. :)

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