Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spoiler Alert: Wrathgate

I started the questline in Dragonblight for the Wrathgate the other day with Kikidas. I had so much fun, that I diverged a little from my 'let Boon set the pace on the paladins', by gently steering him in that direction.

In part so he could run into Ambo Cash and hear the immortal words of: "Why I'm not wearing any pants isn't important."

Saving helpless, terrified and trapped villagers... the epitome of paladin duties, was right up his alley. Especially after not liking killing the vyrkul prisoner with poison in Westguard Keep. Testing experimental poison remedies is not in the bylaws of paladin responsibilities. In fact, it's probably against our tenets.

But saving helpless, terrified and trapped villagers? Oh yeah.

Then of course, there's driving the giant tank. And the chain gun. Oh yes. The chain gun.

The best part is when we were trying to find the Legion front, we followed the directions, north out of town, hit the road, go west, then north on the Path of Titans. Right? Riiiight. Except if you diverge just slightly too far north before you hit the Path, by going around a hill north instead of south, you miss the camp. Then you ride up the Path, until it very abruptly ends with a death engendering drop into Crystalsong Forest.

Ah, I hear you think, but we're paladins. Such a thing cannot stand against Divine Shield!

You see, there was a short drop earlier. I simply made the leap and took the 1k damage. Boon shielded himself. When I teased him for being a pansy, he said this way he doesn't have to take any damage and saves on repair bills.

When we ran into the end of the road, I stopped because it looked suspiciously like there was no road beyond.

Boon lagged and kept on going. And then fell. And then screamed. Because his bubble was on cooldown. And then died.

And then I bubbled myself and jumped off. And rezzed him. Then asked him how his repair bill was looking.


We find the legion front. Luckily, the phylactery that we need to kill the lich in the Winterguard Mausoleum is right there. So we didn't get to do that part, but we'll do it later, because that quest line is just too good to not do again...

So we ride back and we go and kill the lich. Or rather, the lich makes us PALADINS cower in terror (right. We're paladins. We're so full of the Light we don't feel fear! Some would call that stupidity. We prefer to call it the Light.) and then Fordragon shows up, frees us from the terror *rawr* and we go to town and kick his undead ass back to dust.

And then we go find him at Fordragon Hold and then we go to see the dragons! If you know me at all, you know my three greatest loves are Richard, Dragons and My Little Ponies, and not necessarily in that order. So seeing the Wyrmrest Temple and the dragons and Alexstrasza...

Unfortunately, we had seen the cut scene before. I didn't know what it was a cut scene to necessarily before, but I had seen it. Knowing more of the story behind it and just WHO was dying made me tear up though. :(

Then of course... the meeting with Thrall! The invasion of the Undercity! Jaina putting the smackdown on the King. And then it just ends. Which felt very very anticlimatic.

It makes me wonder, do the Horde see the same cut-scene at the Wrathgate? Does Bolvar lead the charge? Or does Hellscream? Do they get to see the meeting between Jaina and Thrall? Do they also take part in the reclamation of the Undercity?

Any Hordies out there (and I know a few of you are visitors), please feel free to share your experiences with this quest line.


  1. Spoiler from the horde side of the quest:
    I'm pretty sure the cut scene at the gate is pretty much the same, as you basically see the alliance rushing down to the Wrathgate and the scourge come out and they start fighting then the orc shows up just in time to participate in the melee (sorry I didn't really pay much attention to the names of the heroes).

    Some name calling and basic unruly talking points later, the orc leader charges Arathas, yah that's why we love the horde just b*d*ss blood lust, tehehe. Well the orc gets smashed by Arathas and in the shock of that one of the forsaken dude show up with some poison trucks and was like "hahaha, we caught you unprepared and even though our allies are down there with you Arathas, it's collateral damage, haha" (hehe, I suck at remember specific). So the poison gets catapulted down to the field of battle and all involved, alliance, horde, and scourge starts dying and Arathas is totally pissed since his army is dying off.

    In the distance you see dragon shapes flying in but way too late to save the brave alliance and horde souls on the field but they were there just in time to catch them backstabbing forsaken and burn them all to prevent the spread of the poison/plague. Alexstrasza is of course there doing her dragon thing, lamenting the stupidity of man, well not really but you know dragons. hehe, sorry side tracked there.

    Anyway, she send you back to Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra with the armour of the orc leader so that you can tell his father he died and the 411 on the event that just took place. You fly back to Warsong and tell Saurfang the fate of his son, he then portal you to Thrall who apparently already knows since Sylvanas is there beside him, telling him about being betrayed by the demon dude. A few seconds into the talk between you and Thrall, a portal pop up and who do you think came walking out??? Jaina, that's who. Well she came a bit ticked off with Thrall since it is seen by the Humans and the alliance that they were betrayed by all of the horde. After a quick explanation by Sylvanas (or did Thrall just talked for her) to Jaina, she portal back to Stormwind to hold off the war.

    At the end of this you get "The Battle For The Undercity" which start with you porting to just outside of Undercity, right underneath the two Zeppelin towers. You follow along and basically watch the fight... I was a bit lost my one time through the event not knowing what I had to do. Once you are in UC and following Thrall around fighting to capture the various quarters within UC. Thrall finally get around to confronting the leader of the betrayal, the demon Varimathras, within the chamber of Sylvanas. You fight, you kick his butt along with Thrall, and the next part is where I kind of got lost again. Some alliance guy show up and start fighting Thrall, but Jaina portal in just in time to blow a Frost Nova and freeze everyone and stop the fighting between Thrall and the alliance guy. Then the quest ends, most of the quest line was awesome but I didn't really understand the ending much, I till have 3 more toons to see it again with so maybe I will understand it by then. (Also sorry for this messy and long comment)

  2. No worries about the length of the comment. It's nice to see the other side. :) The only issue I have with not having a Horde is that I'm 'missing' half the game!

    Alas, alas, they aren't pretty enough or they are too pretty! (everything or Blood Elf!) :)