Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unholy Deathknight: I can haz tank? I can be tank!

Keiji is unholy. Those that know me, should know how much giggling I've been doing since the expansion.

Tonight we went into four instances, the two Hellfire and the two Cenarion instances for low level 60's.

In the first two instances, we had a decent tank. I have discovered however, that being all I can be... equals aggro. Now, I love aggro. Healers hate it when it isn't focused on the tank. So my tank gave me 5. That is, 5 heals before he stopped healing me. :( No love, I tell ya...

So I had to turn down the pure evilness a little bit. Just a smidge. Sad Deathknight. :(

In our next set, we got another DK tank ... who ... really ... uh.

Held aggro... okay. Pulled oddly. And without the healer sometimes. And had broken armor. And didn't know the boss fights though s/he said, "I have three 70's, I know the fights."... yet stayed right next to Hungarfen when he spawned his mushrooms and when he covered himself in vines.
(I so had to bite my tongue and not say how many 70's I had... it was a heroic effort, really. You all should be proud.)
Yet pulled the hydra boss lengthwise down the side ramp where everyone was. Finally I taunted the damn thing to get it's head into a wall and it's ass away from the group of melee DPS that we all were.
Yet managed to aggro both the Bog Lord and the hunter-boss at the same time. We burned down the hunter, then I picked up Claw and Boon's DK picked up the Bog Lord.
And didn't know where to go to the last boss.
And lost aggro to Boon's DK on the Stalker, and then reset the boss on accident. When we asked why s/he reset it, when it was ALMOST dead, the response was, 'how, you can't reset'.
So we dropped her from the group, and I donned whatever stamina gear I had on me and proceeded to tank Slave Pens.

And O.M.G. *gigglefest*

So, you prepare the ground first with Death and Decay. Then you Death Grip the first mob to you.

While the other mobs are coming towards you, you prep this first mob with your two disease-generating attacks, Plague Strike and Icy Touch.

If you have enough rune energy for Unholy Blight, pop it.

When all the mobs are clumped around you, hit Pestilence (which spreads your disease to all of them from the first mob), then if you have enough rune energy, Blood Boil.

As always, Scourge Strike, Blood Strike or especially if you're tanking, Death Strike.

When the first one goes down, Corpse Explode if you have it. Blood Boil as often as you can.

Keep your diseases up. Keep Death and Decay up. Desecrated Ground should have proc'd by now.

Blood Boil. Corpse Explode.

They stay glued to you. We had a moonkin AoEing and not budging them.

Don't forget - Frost Presence. We don't have the group buff version of it, but it'll jump not only your health points, but increase your threat generated.

Also don't forget Bone Shield when it's available. And Icebound Fortitude.

And have fun. Because ... *giggle*


  1. Good job! Unholy is great for AoE tanking. I have an Unholy/Blood DPS build going right now, and I am still able to tank. I tanked for a Ramps group earlier yesterday at level 67. I know, I out leveled the instance a bit, but it was still sorta fun. Only sorta because the rest of the group was 3 DKs and Pally. The DKs were 60-62, and the Pally was 68. The Pally kept going AFK, and most of the time I didn't notice. The other DKs were all wanting to tank, but I pointed out that I had 4k more hps then the next closest one of them, so it made more sense for me to tank.

    I should have known what was going to happen from there. But I pressed on, finished the instance with only two wipes. I blame both of those on the other DKs death gripping my mobs before I could even build aggro on them. That was really annoying when we were fighting Nazan.

    I died on the second part of that fight, popped back up as a Ghoul and finished tanking him to till he died. Then I died. The Pally wouldn't throw me rez, so I ran back so I could get the head for the quest and check out the loot. Then I see:

    Noob DK:Awwww Hellreaver didn't drop
    Me: You guys already looted?
    NDK: No we just opened the chest back here
    Me: That is the loot, the bosses don't drop anything
    NDK: STFU newb, the bosses drop loot this is just a chest
    Me: Look up Hellreaver on Wowhead. It doesn't say 'drops from boss x' it says drops from chest
    NDK: Whateves man, there was no boss loot, just these blue BoPs in this chest and no Hellreaver
    Me: /leave

    Sigh. I think that the gaggle of horrible DKs is going to end up giving DKs the hunter stigma.

  2. *nod* My husband says that DK is the new huntard. Ah well, the good shall overcome the bad. As always. :) Earn yourself a good reputation and you shall prevail!

    Sorry you were with nubs.

  3. To be fair, I was holding back on the aoe's with the LAZR TRRKY. I don't like pulling aggro, especially since you were pulling with your taunt :P

  4. Hey now, gimme a break! :) I'm not exactly a tanking spec and I was making it up as I went.

    You hush.

  5. I have a 77 Unholy/Blood spec killing machine 13/0/55 to be exact, and what can i say......IMBA!!

    Just tanked AK without a hitch, ok there was a lvl 80 warrior with us so the aggro tended to slide towards him......being totally unimpressed by this i quickily Death Gripped the mob and popped Dark Command...Boo Yaa instant 80k aggro gain (ofc after a few slaps with my Death Strike > Blood Boil etc etc)


    totally loving the DK cant wait for 80 so want Army of the Dead mmmmmm AoE tankin/spankin rox