Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things that make you go 'WTF?'

So, there are these poor hungry tuskarr people in Howling Fjord. Starving, in fact.

So hungry, they're willing to eat red meat instead of fish. Which is much less healthy for them, but healthier than starving apparently.

So they ask me to go out and find them some Island Shoveltusk Meat. Not any ol' Shoveltusk, they need the lean low fat Island Shoveltusk Meat.

So I go out and kill some Shoveltusk for them. And I'm evaluating the carcass...

And 'lo, the Island Shoveltusk .. has no meat. It is apparently, fur, skin, bones, fat and organs. But no skeletal muscle of any sort!

I find this oddity in several of the Island Shoveltusk, and wonder if maybe the Tuskarr would be better off eating the worg that are killing the Island Shoveltusk. A diet rich in fat, bones, organs and skin should make the worg have some high quality worg meat.

I am somehow reminded of when I was asked to kill murlocs in Southshore for their heads, and though it seems logical to assume that every murloc that I kill has a head... some of them apparently did not.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?


  1. I tell myself that it's just because there wasn't any salvageable meat left after I finished stabbing/scorching the poor critter to death but that's really just to keep me from jumping off the nearest cliff in frustration.

  2. Grey Bears in Hillsbrad...... nuff said.