Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spoilers are called spoilers for a reason...

When we have, time and again, gently dissuaded people from telling us what cool new thing they saw on the beta forums, by saying, "We're wanting to wait for the xpac to come out so we can see it for ourselves.", it isn't just polite nonsense.

We really mean, "We're wanting to wait for the xpac to come out so we can see it for ourselves.".

When we say this, almost every day, to the same few people who seem to insist on telling us what new cool thing they learned about Death Knights or Northrend, we continue to say, "We're wanting to wait for the xpac to come out so we can see it for ourselves."

You would think the hint would be taken.

I don't know what spoiler Boon was given today, but I came home from work and he was LIVID. After telling someone that he didn't want to hear about what cool new thing the fellow saw, the fellow proceeded to then TELL HIM anyway.

They're called SPOILERS for a reason. They SPOIL the fun and excitement.

Guess what?

If we wanted to know what cool new thing was on the beta forums today, guess what we would have done?

Bingo, we'd have gone to the beta forums ourselves! Or we'd have encouraged your 'Guess what I saw on the beta forums?!' with 'Oh, what did you see?' as opposed to, 'We don't want to know, because we want to wait and see for ourselves.'.

The next person who disregards my and Boon's wishes in this manner is going to have 'Mean K' unleashed on their head.

Likewise... the next person who bombards Boon with 'Hey, Boon! Come do this!' 2 seconds into his logging in will also get a nasty snarling at.

Boon logs in to play himself. To play what he wants. To do what he wants. If he's on and asks, "Does anyone need anything?" or being Boon, he knows people are looking for something in particular and he organizes with them to do something, that's one issue.

If he says, "No thanks." and then you wheedle and poke until he finally gives in, that's something else entirely.

In the span of a single day, he had to respec TWICE. He went Ret to play around with and have fun. No raids were scheduled. He wanted to do dailies and get a feel for the OMGWTFOPness of Ret Paladins (*sob*) and then got pestered into healing for someone, after he said no.

Enough is enough people. Play your game. Let us play ours. If you push too far, you're going to notice that Boon no longer logs in. This is already happening. He logs in, gets pestered, and logs right back out and goes to the XBox.

Stop. It. Or. I. Keel. You.

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  1. Me thinks Boon may have "Can't say no" syndrome. We can smell our own :P I used to get that too in my old guild. Now my new guild is all people I know IRL, and there is little to no pressure to do anything. Well not now anyway, that may change in WotLK......

    BTW, lighting all the creatures in a 60 yard radius on fire and fear bombing is too fun..... far too fun. I think I am channeling too much Richard...