Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shadows of Doom

The Scourge Invasion is still ongoing. And with the chance for the Shadows to drop not only epics, but 30 stones, competition for the Shadows can be tough when there are multiple groups running the same invasion point.


As the event goes on, there is becoming less and less competition for the invasion points and for the shadows themselves. People have their gear and their trinkets and their tabards.


If you see that one group has pulled a shadow and is killing it, and you say to yourself, "This would be a great time to spawn my OWN shadow!", think again.

Because invariably, group 1 may have issues (and if you spawn a second shadow, it's guaranteed that they will have issues, because that is the way the universe likes to laugh at us) and not kill their shadow, and then that shadow will reset and because the shadows are linked, it will reset and come STRAIGHT for you.

And then there will be two shadows sitting around and keeping people from either spawning their own OR killing one of them.

Now, the smart thing to do would be to help group 1 with their kill to ensure it's dead before starting your own spawn. And maybe group 1 will then help you. Even if they're not on the same 'side'. (It's all us vs. the Scourge though.)

The stupid thing to do would be to spawn a second shadow when the first group is having an issue with theirs.

An even stupider thing to do would be to spawn a THIRD shadow when the first two go hightailing it off after someone trying to pull just one of them. Because in a short while, you're going to have THREE of the damn things on you.

You don't want to know what I think of spawning a fourth shadow. But I have seen it happen. And they're lucky there is a computer and the internet between me and them, or they'd have a coffee mug thrown at their heads.

If there are two shadows out, try to COORDINATE (such a hard thing to do, it involves typing, I think) with the other team so each of you grabs one at the same time. Or group up and see if you can take both together.

Be kind. Be courteous. I'm not saying don't TRY to spawn one and kill it, but if you see that one is spawned and it isn't going down very fast, maybe instead of rushing to grab your own, see if you can lend a hand.

Because yeah, maybe you'll miss out on a shadow of your very own, but guess what? You aren't going to get ANY if the shard has four unclaimed shadows of doom guarding it.

Just sayin'.

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  1. Alternative is to pop all four at once, tank them in Ret spec, have your Shaman buddy heal you, and let your LazerTurkey friend pew pew to his hearts content :P That is the route I went anyway....