Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where I am at the end of BC...

I'm stealing this idea from Hydra over at Almost Evil, in part. I'm not going to list all my gear, because there aren't enough hours in the day! However, I am going to list my played/time spent @ 70.

Because I can can can! Keep in mind that all my NE's and my Human were 60 for some time before BC came out, so their time played is elevated slightly.

Kikidas: 49d, 10h, 48m. @70: 34d, 5h, 15m
Kava: 32d, 22h, 56m. @70: 5d, 4h, 43m
Kathe: 30d, 9h, 27m. @70: 15d, 16h, 7m
Kiya: 29d, 2h, 12m. @70: 5d, 18h, 21m
Kiljara: 26d, 20h, 28m. @70: 8d, 11h, 2m
Keyami: 24d, 18h, 51m. @70: 3d, 16h, 41m
Kvasira: 19d, 19h, 51m. @70: 8d, 23h, 25m
Karika: 10d, 0h, 0m. @70: 0d, 11h, 15m
Karitei: 6d, 15h, 16m. @62: 0d, 1h, 16m (1/2 level)

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