Friday, November 14, 2008

Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you plan on being a DK


Was that clear enough? Good, if you read further than I will assume that you understand that I will be talking in specific about some Deathknight quest lines and cool things. And you lose all right to complain about spoilers.


Unless you want spoilers.

The entire area was beautifully done, and the questlines made me want to drink puppy blood and brought back happy memories of being a warlock. Only more evil. It was grand.

The thing I liked best about the overall area was that as you quested, things CHANGED. People weren't where they were anymore as the quest lines had them moving forward to do other things. The town changed. As you finish one quest and turn it back in, you then go back out and things CHANGED according to where you were in your particular quest line.

I went back out to the beginning town and after I got my Deathcharger, noted that the place where there used to be horses and citizens and soldiers was now an area populated by ghouls and Deathchargers and lots and lots of dead bodies.

Likewise, in New Avalon, the area goes from being populated by a few crusaders and citizens, and then you discover that the armies of the Scarlet Crusade were approaching, you fly back out on the back of a giant frost drake, which was an awesome introduction to mounted, mobile combat, by the way, and suddenly New Avalon is populated with siege engines and roving bands of crusaders. That you can EAT.

Other eye-popping moments! Baron Rivendare. :) Mograine. :) I presume the same Mograine that we kill in the Scarlet Monastery? You're greeted by the Lich King. The flying Valkyrie battle-maidens, even though they're called not quite Valkyrie. It fits in with the whole Norse-theme of Northrend.

I was beginning to worry about how the story line would explain how my DeathKnight could be allied with the Alliance? I mean, DAMN. I go around killing running citizens who are pleading for their lives and I'm supposed to just meander around the world partying with paladins? Huh?

And then I worried, if we turn traitor or somesuch, how can we return to Ebon Hold to use the Runeforge and the trainers? I was quite worried.

And then comes the battle at Light's Hope Chapel. I saw Tirion Fordring and went, "Uh. That can't be good. We can't kill Tirion?! I SAW HIM IN NORTHREND NOT 10 MINUTES AGO ON MY PALADIN!"

Boon had to explain it to me, that even though we had 9000 Scourge units and only 182 Lights Hope units, we lost because Tirion TURNED OFF the Ashbringer that Mograine was carrying. I'm not that big into lore, but apparently the Ashbringer is a big deal.

And then a kodak moment happens where Mograine's father appears and the two hug and talk about how good a man of the Light Mograine is. And then the Lich King appears and Mograine tries to whack him, with the results you'd expect. *THWAK*.

And then LK tries to take out Fordring. And Mograine gives Fordring the Ashbringer and Fordring THWAKs LK! And LK runs away like the little girl he is to Northrend.

And Mograine says that the Knights of the Ebon Hand (that's us DK's) are now against the LK! We'll always be Deathknights, but no longer do we have to be murdering psychopaths (aw... shucks.)... now we get to be slaughtering psychopaths in alliegance to the Alliance. And we go and take over Ebon Hold. It's ours. Rawr.

All in all, a FUN FUN FUN beginning. The saddest moment was when I had to kill apparently my old friend in the prison in New Avalon. He recognized my face tentacles.

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  1. Ohs Noes!!!! You have spoiled it for me!! Why didn't you have warning!!! :P