Saturday, November 22, 2008

To Northrend I will go...

To Northrend I will go! Ho-ho the merry-o to Northrend I will go!

That's right, with a little over 1 weeks worth of blitz-leveling in Outlands (while working, no week off for me.), my DeathKnight dinged 68 yesterday and I hopped on the boat to Borean Tundra.

Why the Tundra? Because Seraphelia, my husband's DK, started there first and said there were a lot of nice upgrades right away.

I went ahead and respecced slightly. While leveling WITH Seraphelia (Blood DK), I didn't die much. She did the single-target burndown while I kept the massive amounts of mobs hitting me. She healed with Rune-Tap and I tried to stay alive with Bone Shield, Icy Fortitude and Death Strike.

When she left me *sob sob sob*, I discovered I'm a little more squishy than someone in plate should be, at least compared to how I was when I had someone else single-target killing things one by one.

So I went ahead and respecced with some points in blood for some single-target DPS goodness, and Rune Tap.

I don't have the Rage of Rivendare anymore or Unholy Blight. I will likely get them back, but I deemed it more important to have an 'eek, need health!' button and 'do more DPS with my big two hander' ability than those.

And I'm enjoying it. My Death Strike's heal for far more than they were doing, which is very nice.

I still have Beetlecrunch or Eyedrinker or Tombbreaker or ... oh, they change so frequently, who can keep up with their names other than to eagerly wait for them to spawn so you can laugh.

I... like... shiny.

Anyway... I also find myself at a quandry. People expect me to level fast. Hench the stable of 70's. But in reality, the first time through, I'm slower than expected. Because I read the quests and I have to discover where to go for the first time. Second time 'round, much much faster. No quest reading, go straight there, know what quests to have active all at the same time to increase the quest complete/time/area faster.

Not SLOW, but not as fast as I am the third, or even second, time around. The more times I do it, the faster I get.

But here I am, with 9 classes out in Northrend (I can't say 9 level 70s, not just yet. And my poor mage is still in Zangarmarsh. She's so much fun to play, I need to get her leveled up. I can do it, I just need the time.) and I can't settle on which one to level except for the DK. Because my goodness is she fun.

Boon says, "Just pick your main."

Yeah, that's an easy one. Resolve, the raiding guild that Kikidas is actually in, wants their members to be 80 by December 1st. Kikidas is only level 71. Why? Because I'm either leveling with Seraphelia and Keiji, or Boon and Kvasira.

Maybe I should level Kikidas with Boon.

But Kvasira is so much damn fun. Though honestly, sad though it may be, Kvasira solo's better than Kikidas. Which is not to say that Kikidas doesn't hose through things just fine, but she's a teensy bit squishy, and can't heal herself as fast as Kvasira can, and doesn't have a bubble...

And then there are my other 'mains', namely the priest and the druid. I haven't done anything with them, other than to get Kiljara out to Howling Fjord.

I feel like I'm letting both my guilds down by having fun with my new character. I'm not leveling Kikidas. I'm not leveling Kathe. I'm not leveling Kiljara.

I am leveling my Retribution Paladin and my Unholy/Blood Deathknight. Because the game is short on Ret Pallies and DK's. Really, very rare classes.

Yet as much as I feel like I'm letting down my guild... I also sit there and say, 'Damnit, it's my game too. I should be able to play what I want to play, instead of having to play what I feel I SHOULD play.'.

The evil giggle inside says, "Play your DK and laugh and laugh and laugh." -- besides which, Death Knight has so many neat party buffs and mob debuffs that they will be a nice addition to a raid/party group. Unholy mainly debuffs the mob so that everyone does more DPS to it, and Blood mainly buffs the party so that they do more DPS to the mob, as well as Blood Presence which heals people and their Rune Tap/Blood Tap?/Heal-Party abilities. Why can't this be my new 'main DPS'? Soooo much fun.

The contrary elitist inside says, "Play your Ret Pally because you were good BEFORE we were buffed/nerfed/buffed/nerfed. And it's fun to irritate people by being a good Ret Pally and snub your nose at the people saying, "go holy nub", by outDPSing them.

The good-little-guildie says, "You really need to focus on leveling Kikidas and Kathe, because Resolve needs their DPS and KoU needs their tank."

Now, some of this is also 'teh new', when I hit 70 with Kvasira, she's all I wanted to play. Because it was something 'new'. It tested my abilities and skills. It was so wonderful.

Now the DK is 'teh new', and now it's all I want to play, with Kvasira a middling second and my others a far third.

Arrrgh, rampant Altisms really IS bad for your health!


  1. The expansion also makes it hard to decide what to do first. Do I explore the new content? Or do I make a Death Knight? At least the DKs don't start at level 1 like rolling a new race with BC did.

  2. Your not alone! Have you seen my merry band of alts? I have a warlock thats tons of fun, a DK thats tons of fun, a hunter that I enjoy, and a paladin that I have a love hate relationship with. I have a theory on the paladin though. I think that it may have to do with the fact that she is a Draenei female, and for some reason that is wearing really really thin. I figured this out because I have fewer hate issues with my belf male paladin, its just that he is on the wrong server and the wrong side. So to help prove my theory, I have rolled a dwarf male paladin to see if that is the issue. Yes, another alt! :P

  3. @Frijona - Yeah, but there's something to be said for the DK's starting at level 1 -- reputation, reputation, reputation! And exploration. And professions. :)

    @Dradis - Hehe, none of my characters are males. I'm quite enjoying my paladin. :) And DK. And warlock. And I want to start something else up there, but am torn as to what!