Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lawn Darts and Trivia

Yesterday Knights of Utopia played Lawn Darts and Trivia!

I guess Lawn Darts doesn't quite convey what it was. We were on Aldor Rise. One of our officers earlier volunteered to go first and left his corpse there, unrezzed, while he alted to someone else.

Then the rest of us, up on Aldor Rise, tried to hit his corpse with our own. Neshura used her volley-overlay as a dart board. The closer you were to the center (her and the corpse), the more points you earned!

This was quite amusing as a bunch of 70+ naked people jumped multiple times off of the Aldor Rise. We had a few people ask if we were trying for the Going Down achievement. To which we replied, "Nope, we're lawn darts."

Afterwards was trivia. This was also fun! It consisted of WoW Trivia mostly, some guild trivia, some real life trivia, and then was open to everyone to toss out trivia questions.

Amusingly enough, I was the answer to one of the 'guild trivia' questions. "Who is our only guildy to have 10 characters over level 60?"

I answered first! :)

There were others, such as raid quotes and trivia. You had to name the raid and the boss that said it.
Dungeon quotes and trivia.
Lore trivia.
There was a whole group of questions where the theme was, 'The answer is Neshura!'.

Is it sad that I knew most of the raid quotes, all of the dungeon quotes and a good portion of the lore trivia?

We weren't allowed to use atlas loot or the others, and once you buzzed in, you had just a few seconds to answer.

Some of the questions, you wonder? See if you can answer them off the top of your head! No cheating now. These are out of order, because I don't have perfect recall. :P The ones in quotations are... quotes. The ones that are questions are... questions. For the quotes, name the instance and boss, for the questions, answer them.

I won't include the ones that are guild only, nor the real world ones.

1. "The Menagerie is for guests only."
2. "Time for fun!"
3. "Come closer, come closer and burn!"
4. "I'll turn your world upside-down!"
5. "I'll show you this beaten dog still has some teeth!"
6. "I... hate... you."
7. "You call on da beast, you gonna get more dan you bargain for!"
8. Who is Medivh's mother?
9. What is the name of Cairne Bloodhoof's son?
10. "Arise my champion."
11. "Fools... kill the one in the dress!"
12. Who is the last boss in Molten Core?
13. What is Whitemane's first name and where can you find her as a little girl?
14. Where does Stitches patrol?
15. What did Stormwind used to be known as?
16. What instance would it be useful to go into with a 'snufflenose command stick' and a gopher?
17. What zone did Dalaran used to be located in?

And that's all I can remember from last night. :)

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