Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dungeon Extravaganza!

Who says my husband doesn't listen to me?

My concern that I won't get to see the inside of some of the dungeons in outlands with my shaman and mage was indeed heard!

Yesterday, a group consisting of Vialora the 69 retribution paladin, Diathim (Boon) the 67 enhancement shaman, Merlaina the 67 fire mage, Balendin the 67 protection warrior and Karika (me!) the 67 restoration shaman went on a dungeon slaughter-spree.

We zerged Underbog and Slave Pens. Then we hit Auchenai Crypts... then Mana Tombs... then Sethekk Halls.

All with no CC. Due in large part to the nerf of the game and the boost to tank threat. We waltzed through the instances. Part of it was awesome DPS. Part of it was awesome tankage. I'd say part of it was awesome healing, but really? Restoration shaman, unless the fit hits the shan, is *yawn*. Earth Shield.. refresh Earth Shield. Riptide maybe. Maybe a lesser healing wave or chain heal. Refresh Earth Shield.

The only time I was having problems was at the very end, when everyone was dead tired and people weren't waiting for the tank to have aggro or for me to even mark the kill order! Thank goodness for Reincarnation. :P

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