Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Nerfing of Burning Crusade (rant)

First of all... I want to apologize in advance because the tone of this post is going to seem elitist.

I am frustrated with the nerfing of the Burning Crusade. I understand the reasons they had to do it, to get rid of crushing blows, reduce the need for chain-potting, etc.

But I am frustrated. I worked really hard on some of my characters for some of the gear that I have. Do I want to be the only one to get the gear? No. I'm happy for people who get upgrades! It's exciting for everyone involved!

But the other day a new 70 retadin in my guild got into BLACK TEMPLE.


Wearing blues and a few epics.

He got upgrades, which is great for him! I'm happy. Part of it was that he's friends with people who raid BT. But without the nerf... he'd not have gotten to go until he did the whole dance routine of upgrades. Even in a guild that raided BT regularly pre-nerf, he'd have to have a certain minimum of gear before they'd take him in, right?

Maybe not, because there are people who have always gotten into raids they did not have the gear to compete in.

But I look at that and something inside dies just a little bit as I look at Kvasira and I think of all the work I did in upgrading her gear to compete in a raid and make her raid viable in terms of DPS, not just raid saving or buffing.

And then I look at the gear level of people who are in Karazhan, and SSC and BT and ...


Normally, I could care less about it. It's just that I worked so frikkin hard to get Kvasira geared up... and all my work... I should have just waited for the nerf bat to hit BC and paid some guild to let me run with them in BT. I'd have gotten better gear for less work.

Now, I do NOT think that PvP gear or badge gear are 'welfare epics'. You work HARD for that gear, both in terms of running heroics (or even Karas) until you have the badges you need to upgrade a single piece of gear, as well as running countless battlegrounds (and if you're Alliance... losing countless battlegrounds) to upgrade a single piece of gear. Even if it isn't 'hard' in terms of skill (face it, we've all run with people who can't tell their ass from their elbow in a heroic or a battleground... they get the same amount of badges and honor (not quite, they changed honor gains in BG's) as the people who are doing their jobs...) - it's still a lot of time dedicated to running heroics and battlegrounds.

(And yes, yes, yes, I know, people dedicate a lot of time to raiding and just because you're in a raid doesn't mean you'll get every single drop that would benefit you, don't try to trip me up with the nittygritty details. This is a rant, damnit, logic has no place here!)

I guess I have a problem with the perception that people don't have to work as hard as I did to get to the same place.

Because people look at my gear, be it badge rewards or pvp rewards, and know exactly what I had to do to get that.

Someone carried (or not carried with the nerf bat) through BT or some other insane place like that and gets the gear... people look at that gear and say, "Woah, that guy raids BT!".



  1. Change your outlook on raiding and you'll see this in a whole different light:

    *You* had lots of fun raiding and beating bosses which were a *challenge*. Along the way you sometimes got some nice gear to help you take down ever harder bosses, but that was a side issue. The main issue was the high you got when yet another boss fell down before you, not easily but after your worked hard at it, proving you were worthy of the title: Raider. The best title Blizzard doesn't hang over your head :)

    *The new paladin* got a boost in BT for some gear upgrades. *I* went with 9 guildmates to ZA and did a full clear in ~1 hour, including my first ever takedown of Zul'jin (best try pre-patch was ~30%, not bad but we didn't take him back then). The common denominator between your new guild paladin and me - there was no (or little) satisfaction in seeing new bosses downed, except as a tick mark in the achievements window the takedown meant... absolutely nothing.

    This is why I will never buy a boost in BT or SWP, or buy a T6 char on eBay. The purples might be nice but there will be no sense of accomplishment, no *fun*, associated with getting them. And if you aren't playing this game for fun and if you aren't raiding to be able to take on the hardest content this game can throw at you and show that you can beat it fair and square - why are you playing?

  2. Thank you for your comment. When I'm in a more rational frame of mind, I agree with you completely. When I'm frustrated and all the things listed above, it just seems like a big ol' slap in the face for what I've accomplished. Not the paladin who is doing it, but Blizzard.

    I do raid and dungeon and the like for the thrill of the doing, not the thrill of the looting.

    I would like to see the interior of some of the 25 mans I haven't seen.. but on my own terms?

    Maybe I'll just have to come back when I'm 80 with 9 friends or something. :)