Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OutDPS'd a Warlock...

Granted, I don't know what spec said warlock was, or what gear he was wearing (though Boon says high Tier, maybe a Helm of Bloodshed?) ...

But I out DPS'd him. (Granted, by 2%, but getting over 1100 DPS for my overall Utgarde Keep DPS... nummy)

It's a sad day for warlocks and a day of triumph for Retribution Paladins.


  1. Very nice! Ret Pally represent! I am curious to see how my new Deth Kniggit will do damage wise. Still at 68, so it will be a minute before I hit up any instances.

  2. Currently, my DK is only 63-64, and I was topping 700-900 in instances. Granted, these were AoE tanking instances, as was the above mentioned Utgarde keep, but I'm happy with that too. :)