Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PvP Honor NOT Being Reset

Yes, or so says WoW Insider.

So all the PvP guilds that stopped PvPing... get back at it.

For all the people who took the last few weeks since the news was announced that it WOULD be reset to PvP like the end of the world was coming... or at least the end of the honor points you had saved up... you can stop now.

I'm at a loss myself. But PvPing is something I can do to better my character without having to group up and invest a ton of time in at any given time. If I have to do something else, and often I do since I tend to PvP while I'm at work... I can idle out, or afk out, or just take two minutes and not have to have a group of people waiting specifically on me.

The question is... should I continue to PvP with Kvasira? Kiya is feeling no love. And of my 70's, she's the least geared. Kava has some Karazhan epics. Kiljara, Kikidas and Kathe... you three just shut up.

Keyami... sorry girl, you're still on the back burner, at least for now. Maybe I'll dust you off and play with you... some day. But my tanking desires are taken care of with Kathe right now... it isn't that I don't love you, baby... I just need something else right now. It isn't you. It's me.

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