Monday, September 29, 2008

PvP Quotes, Insights and Rants

Boon: I can respec holy. You can't respec stupid. I feel for you.

Kvasira: I'm kind of hoping someone kills me, because I need mana.


For the most part, I can handle a warlock. Cleanse helps a lot. Cleansing if they're UA however... not so good an idea. They also don't like it when you make their pet go running away.

When there's 20 seconds left before the tower is destroyed and you're the only one guarding it, and a single person comes running in, you're good.

Unless your bubble is down. And it's a hunter. Or a warlock. Or a priest. Or a rogue. Or a warrior. Or...

Nothing pisses off a warlock faster than when they come running in thinking to themselves, "Oh, just one alliance! I can fear them and recap while they go hoofing it down the ramp. Because our towers are designed to recap easily, whereas alliance towers are designed to be really hard to recap. I love being Horde. Blizz loves me too."... and then they get Hammer of Justiced. And then repentenced. And then they finally get that fear cast off... except that I just bubbled. The Alliance have destroyed Tower Point. HAH.

Nothing pisses off people faster than when the Horde have turtled and you refuse to stop retaking towers. I'm sorry. It's my game too and I can retake towers if I want to. It's fun. And in my opinion, if the Horde force a turtle, you're just rewarding the behavior for them if you give in and let them win. It'll make them force a turtle more often. If you make it unrewarding for them, maybe they'll stop doing it.

It's inevitable that when you need just 200 more honor and you pop into an AV, it will turn into a 45 minute resource-turtle.

Battlegrounds are team play. The warrior who runs off and grabs the flag without telling anyone or waiting for backup, then tells everyone they're f*ing nubs because he didn't get any healz ... we're not the nubs, fellow. You are.

Battlegrounds are team play. If you see that IBT and TP have only two people in it, and the RH is already taken... stop and stand around by the flag and be just as bored for the two minutes it'll take to burn the tower... it's far better than having to retake the damn thing because two people can't stop a backcap team of eight.

Don't call people idiots for not being able to two-man defend a tower against a backcap team of eight, especially when you're standing on a hill by the capped RH, spamming, "All in, all in! OMG! FAIL! We're going to lose thanks nubs" when the Horde haven't even hit SPGY yet.

Inevitably, no matter how many times you say it, someone will retake SHGY and cap FWGY before FWRH.

Inevitably, someone will demand that we need to run the flag in EOTS when we only have two towers, instead of trying to take three towers and just hold the flag.

Inevitably, someone will cap the flag in EOTS when the Horde hold midfield, the flag carrier asks 'Should I cap?' and the answer is 'No.'.

The flag carrier will always take the speed boost in the tunnel in WSG and out run their support, then bitch about dying and having no support.

Horde like to do naked suicide runs when they're losing a reinforcement turtle in AV.

The Alliance like to run in one at a time and die one at a time. The Horde like to wait in packs for the Alliance to run by one at a time.


What is with people's beef with retribution paladins?

1. It's my 15 bucks a month. If I want to play a melee hunter, I can do so. I realize that this may negatively effect your game play, in which case, don't group with me, but other than that, stfu. If I'm in your battleground, roll your eyes, groan mentally, but other than that... do you have a point? Is there a reason you're telling me something that I've undoubtedly heard one million times before? I get I'm not mainstream. Believe it or not, I actually thought about my decision to go retribution before I did it, and I researched it and I pull it off. So get off my back and go do your job and try to show me up. Just try it. You may out DPS me, but I bet I contribute more than you do.

1a. There are a lot of Horde Retribution Paladins. So obviously it isn't just an Alliance-Idiot option.

2. 1/3 of the Paladin talent trees is devoted to damage. Hence, Blizzard must assume that a portion of people who have paladins would want to do damage with them. Granted, some people do not play them well and just like there are Huntards out there, there are Retardins out there too. But do not just assume that because I'm a Retribution Paladin means: 'lolz, i dont heal im ret'. I toss bubbles when some poor caster (or even melee at times) is having their ass handed to them by melee. If I have the opportunity or feel that my pitiful 3k healing from Holy Light will help, I cast it. Otherwise, I don't bitch when a shadow priest doesn't heal me. I don't bitch when a feral druid doesn't heal me. So don't bitch when a retribution paladin doesn't heal you.

3. If you feel that retribution paladins are taking up the space a tank or healer should occupy in your battleground, then log off of your rogue or mage and roll a tank or healer, or respec your warrior or druid to do so.

4. I have two tanks, two healers, and two 'high-end' DPS. I can run a retribution paladin if I want to do so. I've earned that right by doing six mainstream characters that fit into well defined and required rolls. (which, my ret pally currently is competing with my combat rogue in terms of how much DPS they can put out in an instance. Granted, my ret pally is becoming quite well geared compared to my rogue, but it just goes to show you that retribution paladins can actually compete with DPS.. and when the class hopefully gets boosted so we don't need to be geared to the gills to compete with an average 'mainstream' DPS... I can't wait.)

5. Retribution paladins CAN DPS. Just because a vast majority of them don't do it, or do it well, doesn't mean we all are like that. Retribution paladins can also heal and bubble and play the joat game. Hybrid classes are cool that way.

6. Don't assume that my current played character is my main. Assuming that, especially in the environement of WoW, not only is stupid, but it's very stupid. Your average gamer has at least 2 level 70's. At least. Most people I know have a slightly lesser degree of altisms than I do. So assuming that the season 1 warlock is his main and calling him a noob because of it... really really stupid.

/rant /insight /quote


  1. I can't wait for the patch! It will make Ret so much more fun! Mainly because, like you said, I won't have to be geared to the teeth to do damage. Currently my PvP gear is the blue vendor stuff from honored rep (except the helm), and my PvE gear is comprised of blue quest items, and BoE blues. I also have green bracers and two green trinkets that I tote around. Not exactly top of the line there.

    As it is, my Shockadin spec in spelldamage gear can out dps and outheal my Ret config. My Shockadin gear is also equally unimpressive. However, I go OOM faster and once that happens, I might as well be hitting people with a stuffed animal.

    Ret will win hands down on DPS and come close on heals come 3.0.2. /excited.

  2. Amazingly, my PVP gear and my PVE gear are very very similar, except in regards to trinkets and neck piece... basically where my hit rating comes from.

    The nice thing about PVP gear for a retribution paladin is it has everything on it that you could want for PvE. Int, Crit, Str, AP, Sta... just need to make sure your hit rating stays at 9%, which with Precision in Prot and the Draenei 1% hit rating buff... not as hard as it seems. :)

  3. I cant wait for the patch. I partner with an awesome Ret pally for twos. When the patch hits its GG to the competition.

  4. "Kvasira: I'm kind of hoping someone kills me, because I need mana." -- /been there & done that.

    I totally agree with your BG portion. Especially the "inevitably" observations. *rolls eyes* How often have we all seen that? Teamwork is such a simple concept, but so many just fail to understand it.

    I do not have a pally myself, but my hubby does. He's tried all three specs. I wish he'd had a chance to read your blog before he gave up on ret. He liked it, but so many people in game gave him "advice" on what was better, and nothing on how to play ret, that he switched to protection. I think he could have done better better and had more fun after seeing this site. With WotLK, he may respec again, and try again. We'll see.

  5. Plus, don't forget you got that awesome new bubble at level 10 you can use!