Monday, October 6, 2008

KoU eats Zul'Aman

The lineup: Owaru, Kathe, Boon, Janril, Orzag, Micromachine, Gobblez, Absitively, Kaggomi, Neshura. (paladin, druid, paladin, priest, priest, mage, rogue, warlock, shaman, hunter.)

The breakdown: Got timed chest from Nalorakk. Got timed chest from Akil'zon. Downed Jan'alai on the third attempt. One shot Halazzi.

That's right. 4 ZA bosses in 2 hours.

Hex Lord Malacrass is next. I think we're going to give him a shot tonight actually, though we don't usually go in a second time in ZA. We're going to try to get the same crew together and give him a go.

In terms of DPS, I think we have the required numbers. In terms of tanking, I'm confident there too. In terms of healing.. well, we have Boon.

What I think is going to get us is that he's a new boss, that requires a lot of fancy footwork. I think the learning curve is going to make him a good attempt, but not a downed ZA boss for KoU.

I hope I'm wrong because man, that would be awesome.

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  1. Have been reading/watching videos. The whole raid takes insane amounts of damage from the spirit bolts the entire fight, so it's certainly a heal check -- not just speed and +heal but CoH and mending and hots too.

    Myself, I'm debating whether to spend a little on some shadow resist chants/glyphs, or just go in as is. Once everyone gets their footing on who's responsible for spell stealing Lifebloom, where to run to get out of aoe but not out of heal range, and how to avoid something silly like a trap -- then it's just a race against the Power Drain timer.

    Personally I think this will be like Jan'alai. KOU will make a dozen attempts, some of them serious, some of them immediately aborted, and get comfortable with the 40 second rhythm of it before trying again next week. I certainly do not expect to get him down tonight. I would consider it a success to make it to the 4 minute mark.