Thursday, October 16, 2008

The one, the only... Kikidas!

If you do a search for Kikidas on the armory... you get just one. Me. I'm special. That and I will hunt you down and destroy you if you take my name.

It's mine. My own. My precious!

With the advent of the new and improved 51 point talents, my hybrid spec has gone the way of the dodo and $1.99 gas.

The question became, which spec do I pick? I've always been fond of affliction. I've only been demonology once, and that was way back in 'classic wow'. And even then, I was a hybrid with a lot of points in affliction.

Why do I like affliction so very much? People think of warlocks and they think fire and brimstone and demons! When I think of warlocks, I think of DoTs that just don't stop and life tap and drain life and siphon life. That aspect of play to me is so much more satisfying. Because otherwise I should just roll a mage! And I have one of those already, thanks though!

(I jest, there is more to a shadowmage or firelock than spamming ranged spells. I can't think of what they are, but I'm sure there's more to it.)

And for a while, it bothered me that the only love affliction locks got was as a 'raid buff' character. Oh? Are you affliction? Do you have malediction? No. You suck. Go away.

Now, while the role of the affliction lock has been locked in place as a raid buff character by raid wide Blood Pact, the love that affliction locks have recieved makes me giggle.. chortle.. gleefully contemplate killing stuff with Kikidas again.

I'm not one to just go off of what other people say that I should do with talent specs. Do I read? Yes. Do I think about what I read? Yes. But it's my choice .. which explains my hybrid spec that no one else seemed to have other than a footnote in WoWWiki.

My new spec is deep affliction... (and keep in mind, the talent tree that is currently used on the website is outdated) because who could pass up a 51 point talent like Haunt? Let me think... I can damage the target, increasing my DoT damage by 20%, and then I get healed for 100% of the damage that I just did?

Yes please!

And all the spell damage boosts and a few haste boosts and oh, it's just yummy. What I need is for recount to work again so I can judge how well I'm doing comparatively.

I do believe this patch got rid of a lot of hybrid specs that were floating around, because in order to get to the 'defining' spells or abilities, we have to sink more points into the tree. And then at that point, it's worth it to just keep going.

My only class that so far I have that did NOT take the 51 point talent is my priest. But I'll talk about that later.


  1. No, My warlock alt is specced Destro, and all she does is spam shadowbolt during combat. Ah, the good old days when i was fire spec and had THREE keys to spam. Times like that are not likely to return, I wager.

    I too am very excited by the changes to Afflic and Demon. I'll be trying them for a while to see how they play.

  2. I just read Mystic Chicanery and she is apparently deep affliction... she said that between keeping all her dots up.. she rarely cast SB.

    Given that in the past, even afflock's had about 35% SB damage.. this is quite the change! :) I'm sure even Destro and Demo locks will have more than one button to push! ... everyone has more buttons to push now! It's button-pushing-mania!

  3. I think hers is the Affliction spec I tried a few weeks back; I got nowhere near her numbers, but she apparently had her Felhound out, which I did not. That may have been the big difference.

    One thing is certain - the new Afflic spec pretty much demands the hound be out. Hopefully I'll see how it goes tonight.

  4. For the Fel Intellect buff? But what about the I.M.P.? (Infinite Mana Potion)

  5. I could be wrong but I thought I read where the hound brought mana goodness to the party in 3.0.

    But also, affliction locks have it better since they can do Syphon Life + Life Tap to mitigate. Destro doesn't get that option.

  6. The Felhound brings mana goodness to the party in the form of an int/spirit buff.

    And you can dark pact him. I guess the only concern would be with him taking damage and dying, since he can't be phased the way the imp can. And if the Felhound buff doesn't stack (and I can't imagine that it would), one warlock can have out the Felpuppy and another could have out the Imp.

    It's nice that the Felpuppy gets more play time, since it was the unloved PvE pet for a while. I couldn't tell you the name of my Felpuppy (still!), though I can tell you the names of my other demons. :)

    Ruptik the Imp, Bargrave the VW, Disrida the Succubus, (Flaatom the Fel Guard) and Z-somethingsomething the Felpuppy.