Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kathe, Champion of the Naaru

So, in a heroic run to get the 'I wuz here' tag, we did all the heroics to get the Trial of the Naaru quests done. And then at 7 server tonight, we, as a guild first, downed Magtheridon. And in one shot. And with no missed clicks. With new people running the clickers.

It was a beautiful thing.

In the course of turning in the Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon quest, some of us got the Champion of the Naaru title and others didn't... and we discovered the missing component! The Cudgel of Kardesh!

Egads, we said, thankfully before we did Gruul. So, since there were several of us in the raid that had also not done the Cudgel of Kardesh, a group of five of us splintered off from the raid and cleared to the quest giver in Heroic Slave Pens in 15 minutes. Then we summoned the people who needed the quest in, one by one.

And THEN we hit Gruul's. We one shot (barely!) High King... we had some odd issues, but as I was MTing the High King, I couldn't see what they were, other than jokingly Boon said, "It's just tanks and healers alive."

We two-shot Gruul's, as we had some issues with people standing in the Cave Ins and doing group therapy with Gronn's Grasp or whatever it is called.

The first time we did it... he was at 20 growths and growing, at 15% life. The second time, we did just peachy keen and fine.

So, we said... that's one half of the Cudgel. We still need Nightbane. And tonight is usually our Kara night and tomorrow is our ZA night! Oh noes! What will we do?

What we do is we grab a paladin tank, put together a group of the rest of us that need Nightbane and we zerg Karazhan. We take out Moroes and the Opera like we're taking a walk in the park and then we go and wipe the terrace with Nightbane.

And then we go BACK to Slave Pens, reclear the trash, and turn in the quest.

And FINALLY... I am Kathe, Champion of the Naaru!



  1. Bravo! Alas, Dradis will not see that title :( I may be able to squeak out 'of the Shattered Sun', but I am repaying one of my friends for an Epic Flyer, so that may not happen either.... sigh.

  2. Congratulations! Well done!