Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was talking to someone in the game the other day and I said EotS.

And he said, "Oh. Okay."

.. pause ..

"What's an EotS?"

Keep in mind, said person is a level 65. He assumed it was an 'over time' something. Like Hots, Dots, etc.

So it made me think about how many acronyms we use in our gaming lifestyle that people who are new to the system or not involved at all would look at us like we were insane.

Let's get a list started, shall we?


BG: Battleground

AV: Alterac Valley

- And then there are all the acronyms inside Alterac Valley. The most important ones are SHGY, IBGY, TP, IBT, FWGY and FWRH.
- As in: Don't retake SHGY, take IBGY, leave a full group in TP and IBT, don't cap FWGY and hit the FWRH!

AB: Arathi Basin

- GM : Gold Mine
- LM : Lumber Mill
- BS : Blacksmith
- FM : Farm
- ST : Stable

WSG: Hordesong Gulch... erm, Warsong Gulch

- EFC: Enemy Flag Carrier
- FC: Flag Carrier
- GY: Graveyard

EOTS: Eye of the Storm

- MT : Mage Tower
- FRR : Fel Reaver Ruins
- BET : Blood Elf Tower
- DR : Draenei Ruins


JC : Jewelcrafter
BS : Blacksmith
LW: Leatherworker

There are obviously more professions than that, but those are the only ones commonly abbreviated to this extreme.

DM : Dire Maul OR Dead Mines
VC : Van Cleef/Dead Mines
ST : Sunken Temple
UBRS: Upper Black Rock Spire
LBRS: Lower Black Rock Spire
BRD: Black Rock Depths
RFK : Razor Fen Kraul
RFD : Razor Fen Downs
ZG: Zul'Gurub
ZA: Zul'Aman
AQ: Ahn'Qiraj
BT: Black Temple
TK: Tempest Keep
MrT: Magister's Terrace
SSC: Serpentshrine Cavern
MH: Mount Hyjal
UB : Underbog
SP : Slave Pens
SV : Steam Vault
BF : Blood Furnace
MT : Mana Tombs
RFC: Rage Fire Chasm
WC: Wailing Caverns

The other instances aren't acronyms, merely abbreviated.

General / Class

LFG: Looking For Group
PST: Please Send Tell
PvP: Player Versus Player
PvE: Player Versus Environment
CC: Crowd Control
DPS: Damage Per Second
TPS: Threat Per Second
HPS: Health Per Second
MPS: Mana Per Second
MP5: Mana Per 5 Seconds
MT: Main Tank
OT: Off Tank
SL/SL: Soul Link/Siphon Life
BM : Beast Master
MM : Marksman
SoC: Seed of Corruption
AI/AB: Arcane Intellect/Arcane Brilliance
SWP: Shadow Word Pain
SWD: Shadow Word Death
VE/VT: Vampiric Embrace/Vampiric Touch
MOTW/GOTW: Mark of the Wild/Gift of the Wild (aka: paws)
BoK/BoW/Bo(add letter here): Blessing of Kings/Blessing of Wisdom/Blessing of Add Blessing Here
SS: Soul Stone
HS: Health Stone
IMP: Infinite Mana Potion (Dark Pact 'Locks Only)
OMG: Oh my God
IIRC: If I recall correctly
AFAIK: As far as I know
AFK: Away from keyboard
BBL: Be Back Later
BBIAB: Be Back in a Bit
OMGWTFBBQ: oh my god what the fudge bar-b-que
LoL/KeK: Laughs Out Loud/Horde: Laughs Out Loud
ROFL: Rolls on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO: Rolls on the floor laughing my ass off
WotLK: Wrath of the Lich King
BC: Burning Crusade
IF: Ironforge
SW: Stormwind
UC: Undercity
HH : Honor Hold
CE: Cenarian Expedition
KOT: Keepers of Time
LC: Lower City
POM: Prayer of Mending
COH: Circle of Healing (City of Heroes)

And honestly, I could probably keep going, but I'm getting bored and this is getting unwieldy. Think of some of your own. :)

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