Monday, October 6, 2008

Terrain Advantages

WSG seems pretty even in terms of terrain advantages.

Arathi Basin sucks in terms of terrain advantages for the Alliance. The trio of nodes that is the easiest to defend is the Farm, Blacksmith and the Lumber Mill. A defending group can sit at the crossroads by those three and get to the flag of any one of their nodes within seconds.

If the Alliance get the 'same' trio - Stable, Lumber Mill and Blacksmith, we don't get the same crossroad effect, since there isn't a road on the LM/ST side of the blacksmith. If we do get the trio with the road, ST GM and BS... the flag to the BS is way across the way from the road, rather than 'right there'. And the flag to the ST isn't anywhere as close to the crossroads by the GM/BS as the flag to the farm is by the crossroads to the LM/BS.

Advantage: Horde.

In Eye of the Storm, things seem pretty even in terms of distances and locations. Towers and Ruins. Albeit, I think it's easier to defend BET than it is to defend MT.

In Alterac Valley, advantage is split. There are some things that seem Alliance-friendly and others that seem Horde-friendly.

Towers ... oh god do the Horde have it easy? We have to defend the flag in this cramped little room where we don't have LOS on the people coming up until they're IN THE DOORWAY AND SPAMMING HOWL OF TERROR (or psychic scream), where we then go hoofing it all the way down the ramp without LOS to the people capping the flag to hit them without having to be two feet away from them.

The Bunkers are made to be taken! This wide open space, where you can hit a recapper from one floor down. Where you can do the ring around the rosy dance around the open windows to hit a capper, get out of LOS, hit a capper, get out of LOS.

Our RH is a bit easier to defend, in my opinion and it's closer to Van's bunker. Nice wide open area. The horde RH is a bit harder to defend and it's further from Drek's room. There's a bridge and a valley near it, so you can easily get LOS issues. The flip side is that a Horde could easily ninja their RH back from us if people are preparing for Drek because it is out of los of Drek's room. It's harder for us to ninja our RH back because it's RIGHT THERE by Van's room.

The way to the RH is also easier for Alliance to defend. You can easily see people coming across that one little bridge and a line of people across it can hold it. The Horde have the stupid little bunker you have to run through, which makes it great for them to ambush us, but I think easier for us to funnel through and have people sneak by while most of them are busy with the vast majority of people rushing the RH.

It is also easier for us to cap Snowfall Graveyard. Is this because our battlegroup traditionally has the Alliance riding down the western side of the map and the Horde riding up the eastern side? Do other battlegroups find that the Horde ride up the western side and the Alliance down the eastern side?

I was just thinking this as I was in a (yet another losing) Arathi Basin and the Horde had us three capped with the Farm, Blacksmith and Lumber Mill, and someone said 'How are they at every node no matter what node we hit?'. That's how. The magical trio and crossroads. Keep three defenders at each node and the rest can respond instantly. Three should be enough to keep the flag safe until the rest can reach it.

If only the Horde were prettier! Blood Elves... you don't count because both your genders are pretty and that's just wrong!


  1. Well at least I know why I can never win AB now! AV seems to be the only way for me to rack in the honor. WSG is ok, and I do like running the flag as Ret. Especially when I JoJ most Druids, Pallies, Shamans, and anyone on a mount. And then I just sail on by while they are wondering if their Kodo just gained an extra ton. Everyone else gets HoJ or repent. EoTS is meh for me.

    You make some good observations though! This is why I love your blog!

  2. You totally forget the stealth factor in AV. A single low 6x Rogue (maybe Druid) can cap a Horde Tower as he/she is not under direct open fire at the flag (where it counts). As a Horde you basically have to kill one or more Bunker guards or you have to have a friend with you. On my alliance Rogue I've assaulted dozens of Bunkers in my low 60s.
    OK, I died when a 70 came, but it was a good ratio. On a Horde char you have no chance to assault a Bunker solo if you don't have a pet. OK, there's sap after a Vanish, but it is much easier for Alliance.

  3. The ability to early cap a tower versus a bunker is a good point to note and one I didn't realize. Anyone can run up a horde tower, ignore the guards and cap the flag.

    I still think defending the tower versus a bunker still makes the overall Tower vs. Bunker issue a Horde advantage. :)

    Because once the guards are dead, they're dead. Too bad the same isn't true of the Horde recap team. :)