Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pure Warlocky Awesomeness

A few people in our guild have decided one last hoorah to try to get the Champion of the Naaru title. Which means doing the Cipher of Damnation quests out in Shadowmoon Valley.

Boon needed to get the Ciphers done. And that means killing Ruul. And we're out there and we're advertising to try to get a few more people to come kill Ruul. It was early enough that our usual crew weren't home yet.

So Boon looks at me, I was Kikidas at the time, and says, "I think we can duo him."

And I say, "Are you nuts?"

And then I pop my trinkets and go to town. Boon, being a paladin, just keeps healing me. And I just keep dark pacting and life tapping and keep killing and killing and killing.

And he's down.

And then one of our guildies comes online and needs to get Gorefiend's armor from the undead dragon. And the tank we bring out there with us doesn't have the spectrecles, nor has ever done the volcanic ash quest to even make them.

So I say, "I'll tank!" and I pop my trinkets and go to town.

<3 warlocks.

(A little nervous here about the life tap 'nerf'. I loves me my life tap.)

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