Friday, October 17, 2008

7500 DPS in H.MrT!

Okay, sure... it was on the little arcane worms and I was SoCing my little heart out... but it was so very pretty to see!

My first instance running deep affliction with Kikidas with the new 51 point talent and ... wow, you don't have time to do anything but CoE-Haunt-UA-Imm-Cor-SL-SB... before you have to start recasting everything again!

I have to play with my rotation, very obviously. Because most mobs were dying before I was done casting even one 'rotation'. I've always been a fan of Corr-SBspam for trash. Boss fights, once that last a while longer, I need to figure out the best rotation for spell casting. Since I'm new to both Haunt AND Unstable Affliction, I need to figure out how to work their cooldowns in with everything else I need to do. It would also help if I could get my DoTimer up and running again.

Overall, my average DPS was 920something. Which is about 100 more than I typically run in your 'average' run.

The boost to tank threat is more than enough to offset my loss of blessing of salvation. I only pulled aggro from Owaru once or twice, and then only because I was being a baaaaaad baaaaaad DPS.



  1. Nice! Warlocks sound.... kinda scary now. I mean aside from the usual concern of being chain feared, now there is Haunt in the mix. So I guess Afflocks sound scary. Full Demonology locks are no so scary for a Paladin, on the other hand..... tehehe

  2. Yet another way for us to heal ourselves while hurting you at the same time! :)

    I heard that the full demonology talent is not only banishable but pally fearable? :)

  3. Yeah it is fearable.... mwuhahahahahahahaha. Are pallies supposed to cackle like that?

  4. It's okay. Let it out. You'll feel better. :) Much better. :) There's hope for you yet! :)

  5. You were right K. It does feel better :) Now I kinda want to spray paint my armor black and start tanking with a two-hander while casting diseases and summoning undead minions... wait a second.....

  6. Till we have Northrend to run a-muck in, I see it as my duty to try and pull aggro in testing builds. I'm a threat-lover, and proud of it.

    A Warrior tank mate and I are going to see if he can hold aggro again my lock. :)

  7. Yeah Meta is broken IMO. I've posted about it already but without having its own action bar and it's horribly weak melee damage it just seems like a 30 second trinket to spam Shadowbolts with. It's horrible in PVP unless you pop it just to spam SoC in to groups for 20% more damage. I've always been a huge fan of Demo (raided as a Demo lock) and hope they fix it soon. I'd like to play around with it a lot more but at the moment I'm have way too much fun with Haunt.

    That is my blog. I couldnt leave a comment with openID T_T.

  8. Love inflated SoC DPS numbers. Had like 5200 on Illhoof the other night :-). I too noticed about 100 average increased DPS across the board in a "normal" raid (I'm mostly in kara).

    I dropped immolate like a bad habit... apparently I don't like fire as much as I should. You try a rotation without it? My DPS always appears to suffer with it...

    I'm gonna throw you up on my blogroll, keep up the good work :-)

  9. I have tried immolate-less rotations before, and it did seem to boost my DPS. Of course, Absitively of '' told me his numbers including immolate, and his were higher! Of course, I think it had to do more with his badge-gear than with his rotation! At the time, he was edging me out in gear. Now, he smokes me in gear. (sad warlock)

    Now that I have recount working again, I'm going to try to fiddle with a few rotations and see what comes out on top. In the past, with Shadowweave and Ristlyn's and all the +shadow stuff out there, the damage done by immolate was better spent in a SB imnsho.

    Now, with the only +shadow stuff available through Soulfrost enchant, and with the many dots I'm already casting, and with the boost to 'periodic damage' from the affliction tree, it's going to be iffy on whether taking out immolate to add an extra SB is going to make or break the issue.

    However, I still need to get an updated DoTimer before I can do my experiment. :) Let me know what numbers you get!

    Thanks for the comment!

  10. Fo'sho. I sucked something awful in TK last night. Its amazing how just a few interruptions here or there (or death) really muck up a DoT rotation. However, immediately beforehand in Gruul's lair I seemed to be a powerhouse, despite being outgeared by a number of folks. *Sigh* Searching for a concrete number in a true raid environment is like... well, something not so concrete. Sandy numbers I guess, and we all know how annoying sand can be... getting everywhere and all... right, back to the comment at hand. What I really need is some good warlock on dummy action and a couple hours. However, not likely to happen in the near future.

    I'm reasonably happy with my current rotation without immolate (I find I can keep it up reasonably well despite the craziness above). Also, I've run without immolate for so long because of the reasons you noted, i'm not sure I'd know what to do with it... I think I'm biased against it.

  11. If you're looking for rotation and theorycrafting as to what's better than not... and lots of fuzzy math (makes my head hurt!), you should take a peek at Mystic Chicanery @

    This is not to say that I won't try to stumble upon my own rotation that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, but you do gain a lot of insight into looking at what another person who has less sandy math and more granite math is doing. :)

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