Saturday, February 7, 2009

And Kiki makes 3!

I hit level 80 tonight with my warlock, by doing a bunch of low level quests just to finish them out and have quest-hubs to work out of.

Which means that I need to work now on getting her raid ready! Because multiple-raid-ready-alts is my middle name. :)

Well, it isn't actually, but it's a nice thought.

In other less exciting news than my third level 80, our guild downed Sapphiron and took a few shots at Kel'thuzad this last week. We're going back in for Kelly on Monday.

And we're regularly clearing OS and VoA.

And we're teaming up with another smallish guild to run 25 mans.

It's kind of sad really that Karika's gear is typically either from heroics, or 25-man Naxx. I have this odd feeling like I'm skipping a step somewhere...

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  1. Congrats!

    Sounds like you are having fun, even better. =)