Thursday, February 19, 2009

Giving up the Ghost

... I tried, really I did. And in a perfect world, I did well.

But as soon as I started missing Shadowbolts, my DPS tanked.

And I hit a plateau with my DPS that I felt I should have been above.


I went and got Haunt. Stinky yucky Haunt. And I immediately went to the Heroic Dummy and shot at it a few times and sighed sadly as my DPS effortlessly jumped up higher than I've ever gotten it with intense concentration.

Damn you. Damn you to Hell!


Where YOU is Absitively the Warlock, as well as Blizzard in general.


  1. Not to say I told ya so... but... ;-p

    Grats on more damage... There are changes in the pipeline for 'locks with regards to affliction rotations, so don't get too comfy :-D.

  2. Yeah yeah yeah. All you 'Haunt is so wonderful' people shaddup. :)

    I had to try. :)