Wednesday, February 18, 2009

(S)paceman (S)pif!

The other day, I checked my email and lo and behold, I had email!

The joy was overwhelming!

One was Abigore, who still cannot post on my blog at work, and refuses to not game when he's home to catch up on his blog commentary (tsk tsk, shame upon you!).

One was a survey on WoW being conducted by a student over in some big prestigious university in France.

And the other was an enhancement shaman who says that he's new to the blogosphere and was wondering if I would go read his blog.

So, a few cool things!

1: He's close to perfection, P being only a few letters removed from K. (LMNO)

2: He begins all his alts (yes, another altaholic in the blogosphere! YES! WE WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD ONE DAY!) with Pif, named after his enhancement shaman, Pif. If he began them all with P and left out the 'if' and just kept it at P, it would be better, but still not as iconic as K.

3: He reads my blog AND has a link to my blog on his own blog!

4: He seems sincerely interested in promoting his chosen class (enhancement shaman) in a well informed, well written, witty and charming manner.

5: He seems to have a thing for Jackie Chan, this is never a bad thing.

So everyone who is interested in a new kid (get it? space goat, kid? Spaceman Spiff? pif? goat? kid... oh, I give up!) please go say hi to ShamWam and maybe leave a friendly comment or two.


  1. I love Pif's blog. Been in my reader since he first showed up on BA.

    Nice of you to give a newbie a plug, K.

  2. If I knew what BA was, I'd undoubtedly be impressed! As it stands... :)

    Hey, his blog was well written and made me giggle with the Brangelina thing. I can't say that me giving anyone a plug necessarily does anything for them, given I'm a relative nonentity, but any little bit helps, right? :)