Friday, February 13, 2009

Pushin' 1800

I took Kikidas into a few heroics yesterday (Thank you, Boon!) and watched as her DPS on bosses climbed from approximately 1400 to about 1800 as I got an upgrade here or there.

Granted, as a mostly affliction warlock, my overall DPS still needs some help... but my DPS on bosses was actually pretty nice. I find myself all nostalgic about the good old days.

My rotation on trash is to slap Corr/CoA on them all and then SB spam until I need to reapply.

My rotation on bosses is currently UA, Corr, CoA, SL, SB until I need to reapply. I think this needs working on. I have improved SB, so I may try to hit SB first to apply the debuff before I apply the others. And with the loss of SL coming soon, I will soon be able to start SB spam far sooner. I think I need to go back to the training dummy and smack it around a bit until I'm sure I have the best rotation I can get out of my hybridized spec.

One of the things I took OUT of my talent build was Dark Pact. I love it and I miss it, but with a pet that sometimes winds up dying in boss AoE/Splash damage, I can't rely on it.

So I'm having to be more conscientious of my mana bar than I have been in the past, in terms of when it's safe to life tap and when I may need to drain life or if the healer has the time to spare to catch me up.

Either way, having fun! And.. given that my guild seems to have way too many melee DPS and no ranged DPS, hopefully in a bit I can be an alternative DPS for when we just can't swing another melee'er into the group.


  1. I think you need to Immolate. I don't know why you don't, its Damage per Cast time (especially glyphed) is really nice. ;)

    As for life tapping... if you're not taking splash damage... I've found Haunt (yes, that other dot, you won't get!) is great at keeping me topped off, without a healer... and keeping 6 dots-a-tickin' is great fun.

  2. I still have to play with lots of things. I was hitting over 2k yesterday. So hopefully things will continue to look good for me. :)

  3. Nice numbers K! I am still working on passing 1500 on my pally.... damn this school!

  4. Haunt is too nice to pass up, IMO. I roll with Corr, H, UA, SB, Immo, SL, CoA then refresh as needed. With only a very few epics I'm safely over 2k DPS and pulling my weight in raids. Its nice to not feel totally broken anymore. We'll see how the changes play out though.

    Keep messing around and see what you feel comfortable with... the more DoTs you can put up and keep up, the better :-).

  5. Yeah, .... I broke down. I don't have UBEROMG gear, but I have gear that I feel should have me doing better damage than I was doing. I can't justify it anymore unfortunately. :(