Monday, February 2, 2009


One thing I've noticed about a few places in regards to exploration.

Some zones you can walk one step in any direction and discover 1/4 of the map.

Other zones, you have to find that one exact spot to stand in or you won't discover the last smudge on the map that you need to get the exploration achievement.

There's something else too... most of the time, even though it's part of an already filled in map, there are still places to discover on the map!

And if you're trying to ding 78 with 1/4 of a bubble (which is a huge ass chunk of xp still) left to go, you want to hunt out every one of those nooks and crannies.

I was half-way through Icecrown, with only three spots in Sholazar and Borean Tundra to explore, when I dinged 78.

And dear lord... level 78 was EXPENSIVE for a warlock. I think I easily spent 200 gold just getting new skills.

Maybe I hadn't leveled when I hit 76, who knows.

Regardless... ding!


  1. Grats! You are gonna have 3 level 80 toons.... /jealous!

  2. Grats on 78! Almost there! :)

    Just a quick thought on why it cost so much, did you buy your level 77 training? Because you get new spells every level now (in the 70s at least). Just wait till you hit 80. That's expensive!

  3. @Yvelle: Yeah, my husband also razzed me about that. I keep forgetting that it isn't evey 2 levels again. For some reason, my brain keeps telling me that the every level training was just for Outlands and now that we're back in 'the old world', it's back to every 2 levels.

  4. K- Hehehe, I think the worst I ever did was on one of my alts, a priest. I went in for her level 20 training, and found all her level 16 and 18 spells waiting for me. Whoopsie!