Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Warlocks etc."

Today I was pleasantly surprised, superbly pleased and understandably nervous to find out that my blog was linked by BRK in his "big list o' blogs" list.

However, his title for me made me giggle and when I said to my guildies who pointed out my brief moment of fame that my BRK given title was funny... they did say, "Well, you do have a lot of characters... so, etc."

It makes me reconsider, yet again, to rename my blog since my focus shifted from only warlocks to ... everything else.

I do wonder how, where and who BRK got my blog from. I think I've posted a comment in his blog maybe once or twice since I've started reading it.

Anyway, to anyone who wanders here from there.. hello!

In other news on the warlock front, my switch to Haunt has paid off. Pitifully enough, my DPS has soared, when I can keep my rotation straight and when I don't have to stop casting on the boss to kill something else.

Even sadder, my trash DPS has plummeted. I find myself wanting to cry... and nothing is more pitiful than a warlock sobbing. Unless it's a gnome warlock sobbing...

I find myself, on trash, slapping a corruption on everything then using Rain of Fire instead of Seed of Corruption, as the situation requires obviously.

I also find myself unaccountably yanking aggro from the various tanks I've run with lately and I'm not quite sure why. Sometimes, I literally am doing nothing more than standing there, waiting. Boon has the theory that it's my Fel Armor healing that's yanking initial aggro from some things off of the tank.

I think the game just really likes me. I have red hair and a nose ring, what's not to like? (Er, "I" as in Kikidas, not "I" as in the blogger.)

And I need to re-work on my Retribution Paladin Glyphs post, as I've just listed what each glyph does and that's about it, and I really want it to look more like the post I did on Restoration Shaman Glyphs.

And I need to re-glyph Kvasira and Kikidas, because right now Kvasira is incorrectly glyphed with Command and Kikidas hasn't had her glyphs looked at since she hit 78 or something insane like that.

And now, off to play Kathe, the poor neglected bearcat.


  1. Siphon life, Immolate, and either Corruption or Curse of Agony are the glyph's ya wants :)

  2. I think I have Corruption already. As for Siphon Life, maybe I'll wait on that and see what it changes to come post-patch?

  3. Corr, SL, and Shadowbolt are my majors. I don't think I use Immo/CoA enough to justify a major glyph spot. I avoid curses on trash (they just don't live long enough) and Immo is my least favorite spell as an aff'lock (shadows only plz). It's worked well for me, though I am debating about putting one of those in there for the shadowbolt one because mana really isn't a problem... I just like getting good use out of it.

    I've actually started having aggro issues recently too. I'm not sure what it is. I mean I'm pushing some crazy DPS as far as my group goes right now, so maybe that's it. I'm reasonably sure testing has been done disproving that Fel Armor can draw aggro. It shouldn't mess with your aggro as its only a buff. Same with as with the Life Tap controversy a while ago (people were saying that drew aggro). I could be completely full of it though.

    Trash DPS is going to be pretty rough still... I go from like 2100 average on a boss all the way down to like 1500 in some cases. It really sucks. Two tips... if aggro is a problem but you want to help bump your DPS, do the old "switch early" trick. With the addition of AoE tanking abilities to everyone, you can often load up the skull with dots and switch to x and get double dots running while your other people finish off the first. Watch your omen, of course, but usually you'll have a lot more room than you think. It's also a lot more controllable than AoE'ing.

  4. Oh wow... sry for wall'o'text. My fingers sometimes get the best of me. :-)

  5. No need to apologize. I love to switch targets as my afflock... the more dots, the better! Keeping track of them all gives me a headache though.

    My aggro problems seem to come at the initial pull. One problem I had is that I'm expecting Haunt to be a DoT and it isn't (I need to break myself of that mindset) and that it does direct damage up front. But other than that, I'm just //standing// there. And then I get yelled at by the healer. :(

    I'm going to look at warlocky glyphs next. :)