Monday, May 18, 2009

One-Shot Nax25 and Post-Raid Thoughts

It ran from 6-11pm... well, really more like 6:15ish to 10:30ish. And some of that ish is because of afks, disconnects, and us calling it then uncalling it to finish off KT.

The run went ... bumpy. We had a new tank, so had to spend some time going over fights here and there. And we had a few 'oops' wipes, once on TRASH (so humiliating).

We one shot Spider, one shot Plague (getting Heroic: Safety Dance for those of us who were new), two shot Gothik and the 4 Horsies.

On Gothik, we had some weird thing happen where the mobs didn't respawn on dead side after being killed on live. So we had Gothik come down and over to dead side, along with about 20 elites.

The Four Horsemen we had the back crew go down after the first boss went down. Which then caused everyone to get AOEd to death.

We 2-shot Patchwerk, then finished Abom cleanly.

We 2-shot Sapph because for some odd reason, our MT got two-shot at the beginning and we lost too many DPS before one of the secondary tanks could pick it up.

We had the SLOPPIEST KT wipe ever... the MT got his position wrong, and the melee groups that were supposed to be aligned according to him decided to align themselves according to the room instead... so while I was in the right spot to the left of the tank, I was standing on the group that was supposed to be opposite the tank. And people were standing on the tank. And then the tanks that picked up the Guardians didn't pick all of them up, and they were running around whacking on the healers. It was... not... pretty.

Our second KT attempt went better, of a sorts. We lost all the tanks at the very end, and I wound up tanking KT for the last 300k health. By that I mean he was chasing me and I was backing up and whacking him with everything including the kitchen sink, while the healers kept me alive and the remaining DPS went midieval on his ass.

At the end, I had enough for my 75 badge tier 7.5 pants. Yay me. 10% more damage to divine storm, woot woot!

So... a few thoughts...

I brought in my paladin as she is my 'main' character, my progression raider. Yet with the exception of one or possibly two pieces, there isn't anything she could use out of there, everything that dropped for plate DPS that night was a sidegrade at best. I did pick up a new libram, but that was it.

Yet a few other people who were progression raiders brought in their alts. Well geared, yes, but alts nontheless. Which makes me wonder why I can't bring in one of MY DPS alts? Karika is geared to the gills, but Kikidas can use some upgrades. And while she doesn't do the DPS that Kvasira can do, she still puts up decent numbers.

And don't get me started on Keiji.

Given that I don't log onto WoW anymore, except to arena and raid... my alts are unlikely to get into any runs that give them gear upgrades. And it means that between runs, my progression raider will definately not be getting any upgrades.

I'm okay with this.

I'm still writing, both fanfiction (I snicker at myself) as well as sitting down to write one of the stories that I've hashed around for a while now in my head. Maybe I'll actually finish it, this time.

I found myself slightly frustrated with the raiding. We spent a lot of time doing what I felt was ... sitting around with our thumbs up our ass. The tanks not pulling as loot was being handed out. I don't think there was a single time I didn't have to prompt: "Can we continue clearing?" and have one of the RL's confirm: "Yeah, tanks go fight something.".

We had to wait for Patchwerk to pat away and back again (long wait) because we had to wait for someone who decided to go AFK, one person who disconnected and for healing assignments to be handed out.

I find my tolerance for such disturbances to have dwindled to nothing... not that my patience was ever super high to begin with. But now I don't just have the vague feeling of 'I could be doing something productive' or 'this is inefficient'. Now I KNOW I could be doing something more productive or efficient.

I don't mind raiding. It's fun to get together with my friends and bullshit and have Neshura give me a tell of 'You and your damn DPS!' as I beat her out (it only happened once) on Razvious. But at the same time, I wish I had a hookup to a computer so I can write ideas down as I'm waiting, rather than resisting the urge to alt-tab out.

Overall, I was consistently in the top 10 DPS, depending on fight, usually in the top 5-7. To my own surprise, I broke 3k most often.

I have finally convinced Vialora (maybe) to use Seal of the Martyr instead of Seal of Command. Go me and my awesome powers of persuasion (and recount).

Unfortunately, the tier 7.5 shoulders and leg pieces are bright yellow and blue. My chest piece, gloves and boots are dark red. My cloak is this hideous gray-green and purple.

We need the ability to dye our armor, if only so I don't look so much like a color-blind ginsu knife.


  1. I'm with you on 25s; the fact that they are a necessary evil makes me resent them that much more. As much as I like our friends in Dragon Knights, it's the difference between an intimate dinner with good friends, and a good-sized cocktail party. A small group can just "click" in a way that a large one rarely ever does.

    I'm just lucky I haven't been caught alt-tabbing out.

    There is something to be said for a main that you've been nudged and poked into playing more often.... Kvasira does unreasonably good DPS. But altism is understood too :-)

  2. @Nesh: I dunno... Ein was OutDPSing me when he switched to Ret. Makes me a sad panda.