Friday, May 8, 2009

New Hard Drive = No Pictures :(

I discovered that when we built myself a new computer and discovered that it still ran s.a.s. (slow as sh!t) without a new hard drive, we went and got a new hard drive.

And my old hard drive is the one with all my pictures of my babies! (including some who are no longer with me, so it's pretty important that I get that hard drive hooked back up!)

So, until I can discover where my camera went to and how to upload photos from it without the camera manager software that came with the camera ten years ago (okay, it wasn't really ten years ago, it was more like 6...), or get my old hard drive hooked back up (whimper), no pictures. :( I shall endeavor to get some.

And I need my old hard drive back, or I'll have forever lost the only pictures of Mike (friend), Phil (cat), Anubis (cat) and Kira (cat) that I have. And that is unacceptable.

(So, still working on the Poe picture... sorry!)

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  1. If your camera has removable media in it, like a memory stick or SD card or whatever -- just pull it out and use that directly. Windows XP can read the filesystem on those things without needing any camera software. You just need someone who has a machine with a built-in card reader (most laptops and many desktops), or to borrow a USB card reader from someone. Or drop the card in a padded mailer, I'll pull the photos for you.

    If, however, your camera has NO slot or little door for media (built-in non-removable memory of some kind), then you have to find the cable and probably use the software.