Monday, May 4, 2009

I know how KT feels...

Mr. Bigglesworth dies.

KT: No!!! A curse upon you, interlopers! The armies of the Lich King will hunt you down. You will not escape your fate...


Kel’Thuz4d]: ok and now my cat is 8fwhwe8ufhffweeexvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

[Kel’Thuz4d]: walking on my keyboard

[Kel’Thuz4d]: hold on afk


Yesterday morning, my cat Poe was safely in my house. I know this because I caught her begging at the front door to go outside when I took the dogs out in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon, I idly asked my husband, "Have you seen Poe lately?"

Now, to explain Poe... she's a fluffy, lazy, brown/black tiger kitty, who is very responsive to her name. You call her name from anywhere in the house, and she'll meow back at you and slowly make her way to you to see if you have food.

She's so lazy, she won't even bat at a feather-teaser that's wriggling two inches too far from the minimum distance of mild effort of stretching her foot forward. However, she does like to go outside and eat the grass until she vomits. This makes having a rabbit on a diet of hay in the house very interesting.

The only exception to the lazy-factor is when you call "HUNGRY KITTIES". Then she's like dynamite, racing with loud yowls to the food bowl.

So we look around and do not see a fluffy lazy cat. We see our other two cats. But no Poebaby.

So I pull out the ULTIMATE WEAPON(tm). I call for hungry kitties! I'm nearly run over by Cloud and Ripley as they make it to the basement where their food is stored.

(Yes, Cloud after FFVII and Ripley after Ellen of Aliens fame. Poe herself is named after Po, a Hawaiian earth aspect of night and women. Boon added the E, so people wouldn't call her Pooh.)

Okay. I step outside and check the front and back yards. Have I mentioned this cat is lazy? The other two times she's managed to slip (and how does a big fluffy plump cat slip past people? I have no idea. She's like Houdini) past us outside, she's been right in the front or back yard, pretending to be a cow.

No kitty. I call for her, and listen, hoping to hear her meow. Nope. Nothing. The sound of kids playing two houses over. No cat.

I go back inside and Boon and I start checking under blankets in the bedroom, in closets, under the couch. He worries that she's died in the house. Considering that she has the best vet ever and has no health problems, I don't think that's likely.

So we go out and walk the block, calling out for our cat. Have you ever walked around the block and did nothing but call for your CAT? Yeah. Try explaining that one.

"POE! POE BABY! POEPOEKITTY!" (Boon told me after a minute that I really shouldn't be shouting Poepoe)

One of our neighbors from the corner said that they had been out for an hour and haven't seen her. An elderly neighbor from across the street came out and when he heard we had lost our cat, he said "I have two cats myself. I'll walk the block." and he proceeded to amble around his block.

Boon and I got into the car and started to troll the neighborhood. We stopped to ask people on various blocks in a two block radius if they've seen a fluffy brown tiger kitty. No one.

Boon starts to curse her and swear that someone had to have stolen her. A pretty, friendly cat? Who wouldn't want one? Neither of us could fathom our lazy cat hauling her ass off of our front or back yard of her own free will.

Thankfully, she has a collar on, and it reads:

(where the X's are the digits to our phone number, pervs.)

However, less than 30% of cats (even with collars) ever make it home once they're lost (the knowledge of statistics has never been so depressing, well, except when we looked up the statistics for Boon's particular flavor of cancer.).

So we're driving around, becoming more and more depressed. We finally pull back into our driveway, and our elderly neighbor greets us with a smile, "Someone returned your cat!"

I nearly flew out of the moving car, let me tell you.

The story was as follows... remember I said there were neighbors with their kids playing? They live two houses down from us. They have two YOUNG girls, who SHRIEK very loudly as they play. They're kids. It's expected.

Well, their parents had heard us calling for our cat, but it took them a minute to remember that earlier that day, they had seen a cat under THEIR neighbor's fence. They had figured that it was their neighbor's cat (Right idea, wrong neighbor!). One of them then got up and checked. Yup. Cat was still crouched under the neighbor's fence. She called and Poe, bless her friendly heart, came right on over and undoubtedly was quite happy to be picked up.

I think she had gotten startled somehow, or just ambled away from the house. We have no idea how long she was out. Then when the girls started to play, probably got freaked and either didn't hear us calling for her, or was too scared to go past the playing children.

The neighbor started towards our house, Poe undoubtedly clinging to her shoulder (she loves shoulders). Poe heard the dogs barking and according to the person carrying her, nearly had an aneurysm trying to get to our house.

When we got in, I scooped Poe up, who had the gall to look as though I should simply feed her and not fuss that much. Boon held Poe up, called her an idiot, and then hugged her.

Now, why is this on a WoW Blog? Other than the fact that it's MY BLOG AND I CAN POST IF I WANT TO... we missed our Nax25 raid to go find our cat. (Our guildies didn't mind and were glad we found our cat, but this is the tie-in for it to count as a WoW related post.)

I think if Mr. Bigglesworth was missing from Naxxramas, Kel'Thuzad would be a no-show too.


  1. Yes! Cat emergency > raiding!

    Glad you found your kitteh :)

  2. That feeling of loss from one of your pets makes your heart sink. You feel almost ill at the thought that you could never see or hold them again. At the very moment you see their face again makes you appreciate them that much more.

    I'm so glad that Poe is back to enjoying the lazy life :)


  3. @Grimmtooth: Me too!

    @Fuu: We were both on the verge of tears thinking we'd never see her again. And yes, it makes you appreciate them so much more.