Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Funny vs. Not Funny

Funny: Someone in your raid is well known for practical jokes (that often involve death). (He pays repair bills)

Someone else who typically falls prey to those jokes (and deaths) encourages someone who does not know said joker to get on joker's chopper.

In the beginning of OS.

With all the trash mobs around.

... said joker goes riding off and dies, along with his companion. And about three or four other people who didn't notice the joker riding off, laughing gleefully. Everyone else is safely zoned out already.

This is before the raid is started, before food, etc. Some people still aren't there.


Not Funny: Someone in your raid is well known for being a chode. Always complains. Tends to die because he does stupid shit and then blames everyone else for his death.

You're in Ulduar25. He was given command of driving one of the Siege Engines.

Raid Co-Leader says: Don't use the ram command on the siege engines when you're on a ramp. You'll fall through the world. Okay everyone, let's roll out and kill Flame Levi.

Driver: *RAM* *FALLS* *DIES and kills Co-Leader*

Co-Leader says: WTF.

Driver: I was at the bottom of the ramp. I should have been fine.

Now we have to wait for his vehicle to respawn. Which it never does. Finally we have to go escort his sorry ass down to Flame Levi.

Not Amusing.

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  1. Hilarious! Yes, people who fail at raids are annoying at best. Sometimes they ruin the whole night when they get on a roll.

    Still awaiting kitty pics.