Thursday, September 11, 2008

100 Badges and More!

Last night Knights of Utopia hit Gruul's, with some of our new allied guild friends, Dragon Knights, and friends of friends. The usual sort of thing. :)

Now, we did have a mix of people in there who have done Gruul's before, but we had a LOT of people who never have done it at all.

And we one shot High King and Gruul. 1% of Gruul's life and there were no tanks left alive! And we (the kickass DPS and the kickass healers) still did it.

And that put me at 99 badges. And we said... maybe we should try Magtheridon?

And we did and we got him to 32%... and then every other attempt, barely past his first blast nova. :( No warlocks also didn't help, just a lot of hunters. :) So we had infernals going everywhere. We also need to work on the blast nova timing. Someone was clicking way too early, before he started to cast, when the 'countdown to blast nova' countdown started.

So I had to try to find a way to get just a single badge... and I never ever get badges from the Shattered Sun Supply packages.

But I did! And now I have the Embrace of Everlasting Prowess!

Woot woot.

Oh, oh, oh. Mini-fangirl issue. I wrote an email to BBB about Hurricane+Barkskin as an aggro generating tool and what his thoughts were and how he used it... and he wrote me back! *squeal*

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  1. You know what's going to happen here... emotional hearing. You say "BBB ... wrote me back! *squeal*", your husband hears, "BBB is more Morphos than Morphos!"

    Grats on 100!