Friday, September 26, 2008

The Hour-Long AV

I was finally less than 500 honor away from upgrading my belt so I decide to get it the fastest way possible -- running an AV or two.

So I pop into an AV and we win, but we have to do it fast since it was going to be a tie, so we only got 200 honor or so from it. Okay, sure, fine.

The next AV has a massive HORDE of ... well, horde, backcapping towers. We lose. 68 honor.

The NEXT AV has the same massive horde of horde backcapping. It was a premade group from Spinebreaker. If you guys are reading this.. I hate you! (No, not really hate, just want to kick you off the top of the Aldor Rise.. over and over and over again.) Another loss, another 68 or so honor.

I pop into the next AV, I need something like a little over 100 honor. Surely, surely... *whimper*

It turns into a massive turtle. The Horde defend the RH like mad demons. Our people push and push and we can't get past the ... horde of horde all sitting in the RH and FWGY.

So it becomes a reinforcement game. We burn all but the two Frostwolf Towers, keep backcapping the few times they try to cap one of our bunkers.

And after an HOUR... we finally win it. I was 10th on DPS, I had in the neighborhood of 90 HKs.

Towards the end, the Horde were doing suicide runs into the massive Alliance encampment stationed right by FWGY. Gargle, Glargle, whatever your name is - Orc Warlock... I know you were doing your best to help your side lose. You constantly ran out into the middle of people and let us whack you down with all of our fury at the HOUR LONG AV. About 20 times... I'm sure it wasn't fun for you either.

But in the end... we did win. And I got my belt.

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  1. I remember with not so much affection the 5 HR AV games.