Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rise of the Ret Paladin

I've heard that in WotLK, they're going to "fix" retribution paladins. This is very nice! For those people who can't currently play a ret pally. And for those of us already doing a good job with it, just wait until we're better!

It takes a certain amount of gear and understanding of what buttons to click and what stats to stack to reach the level of DPS that a blue-geared mage or warlock could put out.

Which is very sad. But do-able. I've been doing it and defying people left and right. Rawr. Go me.

So, the other day I was doing the pre-quest for Karazhan with Boon's little warrior. And Boon said, "OMG. Stop killing them so fast!" ... then realized what he said and said, "Uh, nothing. I said nothing."

So this weekend, Boon slapped back on the ret gear he'd been collecting here and there as off-spec items from the raids and runs he's been in. And he went ret. And we went battlegrounding. And he giggled.

Yes. Giggled.


And chased down people and roared and said, "I am never going to yell at you again for chasing people down when I'm guarding the flag, because .. they just have that little bit of life left and I know I can BEAT THEM DOWN!"

A ret paladin has been born, at least for a little while.


  1. I've heard that Rets will get a mana return ability similar op SPriests. Will they also get a health return?

  2. Ret pallys are looking really good for the patch. Good damage, excellent personal mana regen, decent group mana regen, and excellent personal/group healing based, and all based on the idea that you are beating the crap out of something. And we will actually be able to dps things effectively now! Woot! I am very excited about this patch and the xpac.