Friday, September 26, 2008

Seduce: Banish: Fear

Warlocks have three forms of crowd control. And we can use all three at the same time (which makes the warlock the superior crowd control class.).

We can seduce humanoids with our succubus.
We can banish demons and elementals with a spell.
And we can fear lots of things with another spell.

No where do you see a warlock doing multiple CC's as much as you see it in MrT. And maybe the big pulls in Slabs.

In MrT, a lot of the groups come in sets of five. Or six. They usually include one demon (Sister of Torment) and lots of humanoids.

So you, the uber-warlock that you are, have your succubus out for seducing and are ready to banish the demon and maybe if one of the other people lose it, fear-yo-yo a third. (Remember, DPS is for wussies. You are all about the CC, locky!)

If you're using a focus macro, it can hopefully be done easily. Just remember, you can't have two focuses, so don't use a focus macro for seduce and banish.

However, if your focus macro decides to NOT WORK ever, and you have no idea why since you haven't done anything to it and you aren't using both focus macros for seduce and banish... then you have to do things the hard way.. manually.

Which can be done and done well if you're quick with the mouse or tab-targetting. But it is a little sloppy.

You can't reseduce until the old seduce wears off. A good seduce macro will include some form of stop-cast on your succubus, so she stops her previous cast and recasts at the same time, same button. Is nice.

However, manually, you'd have to click follow, then seduce. I guess it could work that way, but oy... so annoying. Otherwise, you have to watch our dot timers (which should include seduce) and as soon as it ends, you should have the seduce target targetted and be ready to click seduce.

You also can't rebanish until banish is out. This isn't a macro thing, it's simply you cannot rebanish something until it's not banished anymore. Stupid Blizzard. Sure, you can RESHEEP something... grumble.

So, again with the dot timer... when it hits 2s, wait half a second (or a breath, whichever is easier for you to calculate), then recast your banish.

If you are using necrosis, there is a banish button on the necrosis module, a left click should cast rank 2, a right click casts rank 1. If you're close to being ready to take the banished mob, then try to slap a rank 1 on it. It makes everyone happier.

As for fears... ah, lovely lovely fear. Our bread, butter, joy and happiness.

Remember that fear-yo-yo is a finely turned art. If the mob gets too far away, it can run into something else and you wind up ... all sorts of dead.

Curse of Recklessness is your friend. Don't forget it. Ideally, you'd be able to pull said mob well away from where it could run into something else, so you can fear freely and openly, without the use of curses. Especially if you're also handling a seduce and a banish.

Otherwise, you're standing between feared mob back in the cleared area, and the group you're fighting currently, and are having to swivel around and around to make sure all your targets stay under lock and key.

Is it doable? Yes.
Is it fun? Hell no.

Seduce Macro: shift+macro clears last focus, sets new focus.
#show Seduction
/clearfocus [modifier:shift]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead]
/clearfocus [target=focus,help]
/cast [pet:succubus,target=focus,exists,harm] Seduction; Seduction

I don't use a chain fear macro. I tried one once, didn't like it. Since fearing is, for a vast majority of time, something you need to watch closely, I don't like simply using a macro and forgetting about it.

I cannot find on the interwebs where my banish macro is... so I'll have to look at my character in game. So I'll have to edit it in later. So you'll just have to wait.

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