Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My other addiction...

Well, honestly... I have several. But this one is blogworthy. At least today.

My Little Pony's are every little girl's dream. They're cute, colorful ponies that you can own, brush their hair, play with accessories and have lots of. Who wouldn't want one?

Most little girls grow out of that phase. And I'll admit, for a while I did too. I stopped buying them (because they got really ugly, sorry Hasbro, but what the hell were you thinking with the last few years of G1 and the entire G2 series?) and I packed away my ponies in a box and that was it. They came everywhere I moved, but they stayed in a box.

And then... it happened. I discovered ponies on E-Bay.

My collection went from merely what I had owned as a child to the possibility of any pony I had ever wanted and could never find or buy!

So, I whipped out my box. I took out my ponies. I arranged them on a large shelf in the computer room (yes, everyone who comes into my home sees a large shelf above two computers that has one half covered with pastel My Little Ponies. The other half is covered with Final Fantasy figurines. I think the My Little Ponies make Sephiroth and Auron and Cloud look all that much masculine and dark and brooding, personally. For some reason, my husband thinks the ponies make them look gay*. I don't see it! If they can be put in Kingdom Hearts by Disney running around with Mickey Mouse, then they can handle being next to some My Little Ponies.)

For a very long time I resisted buying any of the G3 ponies, on the grounds that 'they aren't G1'. However, friends started to gift me with pony things, and because they aren't insane and aren't going to spend 20 bucks on a plastic pony, they buy me currently-in-store things that are a little less insanity-spawned. So I've slowly started to collect G3 ponies. Including chibi's. (officially called Ponyville ponies)

But now the chibi's are taking over. And I like it!

And before you guys go all, '20 bucks for a cheap 80's toy!?', there are some ponies that, OUT OF BOX and PLAYED WITH can sell for over 100 dollars. If you have one MINT IN BOX... well, add another 0, at least. (on Ebay RIGHT NOW there is currently an out of box Rapunzel pony that's selling for 350 dollars, a Mimic that's up for 200 and a hand-painted Mimic that's up for 85.)

I have one of them that's out of box and played with, that I could probably get for between 50-80 dollars if I sold her. But I'm not going to. And no, I will not point her out to any of you so you can come into my house and steal her! I can't even tell my husband which one she is.

And the kicker... my cell phone ringtone is the My Little Pony theme song.

(*I apologize for it but yes, I am using the 'stereotypical' gay here. Which, by the way, there ARE heterosexual men who DO collect My Little Ponies. I have evidence!)

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