Tuesday, March 18, 2008

(Fun in the Sun, Day 4) aka (SHAMU)

Today we went to Sea World! That's right, an overpriced theme park where they exploit poor innocent sea creatures. I had a blast!

We saw Shamu first and the orca exhibit. It was ... well, it didn't go according to plan. They were maybe 3 minutes into the show with non-Shamu orca's when they just decided that they weren't going to play today. The instigator literally DROPPED its trainer in the water (the trainer was doing the stand on the nose while they propel themselves through the water) and swam away. The second orca followed suit. Finally, one of the orcas decided to come back and play.

As the trainer's said... when a killer whale decides it doesn't want to perform today, there isn't much they can do about it!

Finally, Shamu came out! He was HUGE. He also didn't have any trainer in the water near him at all.. probably due to his size and that he almost drowned someone once? Anyway... it was great.

We saw the dolphin and whale show, which was also spectacular. We rode the Kraken, which was an amazing roller coaster. Saw some sharks and beluga whales, a few puffins and penguins.

A good day all around, especially since it contained almost my entire family.

Tomorrow I return home, I can't wait for that. I miss my husband and my doggies and my kitties.