Friday, March 14, 2008

Kikidas returns to Karazhan

I feel like I've returned home!

I was on Kiya, farming Life, when I answered a call for a 'well geared, non-noob, experienced warlock' for Karazhan. I asked a few questions and when the answer came back as '3-4 hour, whole raid clear', I said I'd go.

It was absolutely GORGEOUS. Only two wipes, both of them an 'oops'. A smooth, clean, quick, gorgeous clear of all trash, one-shots on all the bosses. No explanation given or needed other than mild clarification on particulars.

I cried, just a little bit. Especially when the Lightning Capaciter dropped. Initially I was going to pass, because I was the PuG member in a guild run. But then one of the tanks gave me a /tell and said 'Open rolls, go ahead and roll for it'. And I did. And I won. And *squee* now I'm all pretty in purple! (I'm such a gearist!)

It was a very nice way to end my 'night' before I go on a week of vacation.


Calm down. It'll be alright. It's only a week. I'll be back on the 20th. Where am I going? Florida. Sunny lovely Florida.


Since my current guild is also in the process of disbanding, after a long slow quiet deterioration, I went ahead and asked the kindly tank if I could see their guild website. He gave it to me and said I could submit an application if I wanted to. I'm hopeful that means that he likes me (he likes me, he really likes me!) and will put in a good word when my application is reviewed.

Maybe I shouldn't have written the application at 4am...?

Nah. I'm sure it's fine.

Tomorrow I'm going to be doing a lot of house chores and laundry to prepare for my trip. When am I leaving? Tomorrow at 4:30pm. No problem!

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