Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Maintenance Day

It just so happens that my day off from work is usually Tuesday. Which is maintenance day. Which sucks. I have the ENTIRE DAY to play and I can't until the afternoon usually. How sucktacular is that?

It's a good thing, really, as much as I hate it, because I do try to get some chores done around the house. You know how it is -- two WoW addicts (or one WoW addict who is me and one 'any game addict' who is my husband) -- mean that the house is always just this side of messy. (I won't say which side of messy it is.)

To give him credit, when Boon has a day off, he'll usually do quite a bit of cleaning and tidying up. He's such a good hubby. I wuv him.

Today though, I win! I get to WORK today, which means I don't get to sit at home waiting for the game to come up. How lucky am I?

Do you remember one point in time Blizzard was going to do mini-updates/maintenance throughout the week so that they didn't have one big maintenance day? I remember that one week fondly. It was beautiful.

Anyway... the point of this post is ... what do you do with your maintenance day morning? I'm talking to those people who are usually connected during those hours on any other day? Or would be connected if the game was up (like me).

Do you use your time productively and do house chores? Do you use your time unproductively and browse blogs, forums, web-comics, dust off your Game Cube or some other fun but otherwise useless activity? Do you sit in front of the computer, constantly refreshing until the server select screen comes up and I you can monitor what realms are offline and which ones are starting to come online?

I do a little of everything (except the dusting of the Game Cube. 1: I don't dust and 2: Game Cube? I don't like Zelda and I have the DS version of Animal Crossing.) that I listed above.

(Let me clarify. I don't like the new Zelda's. The old Nintendo 64 Zelda was fun. Most of the old Nintendo games were fun and I quite enjoyed them.)


  1. Yep usually chores get done on maintenance days.

    But dust? That was a protective layer… don’t disturb it or the house will fall down.

  2. In that case, my house can survive a 6 point earthquake! :)

    Welcome to my blog, Kat. :)

  3. Wowhead pop ups are easy. Just stick their code anywhere on your page. Just open open blogger's HTML editor.

    Here's the link for you to find it with instructions:


    All links found on your site that point to a Wowhead item or spell page will now sport a tooltip and an icon.

    Hope that helps!