Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dungeon Guide: MTe 1: Trash Mobs

A Warlock's Overview: If you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment.

Mage Guard:
o Abilities : AOE Stun, Glaive Throw (interrupts casting and stuns), Bubble Shield: Move mobs out of the bubble shield if possible, it reduces damage by 75%. It also seemed to break hunter trap, but this is not corroborated.
o Seducable? : Yes, but seems to break frequently.
o Nifty WoWWiki Tips: None.

Blood Knight:
o Abilities: Heals themselves and others. CC them or kill them fast.
o Seducable?: Yes.
o Nifty Tips: Mages can spell steal a seal they have on themselves to give their casts additional HOLY damage

o Abilities: Casts 10% faster every cast. Can AoE. Need to LoS or silence-pull them.
o Seducable?: No.
o Nifty Tips: The haste buff is stealable.

o Abilities: Imp pet can be one-two shotted easily. Casts immolate.
o Seducable?: Yes.
o Nifty Tips: Mages can spellsteal their fel armor for +250 spell damage.

o Abilities: Uses poison on weapons (what type of healer is this?!) and prayer of mending.
o Seducable?: Supposedly.
o Nifty Tips: None (what, did you mages think you could spell steal something ELSE? What more do you want!)

Sister of Torment:
o Abilities: Seduces random target (including tank!)
o Seducable?: No, but can be enslaved!
o Nifty Tips: None

o Abilities: Teleports and AoE's. Very annoying!
o Seducable?: Not to my knowledge. We tried, but not sure if it kept getting broken or if he was just immune.
o Nifty Tips: None

o Abilities: Nothing too special.
o Seducable?: Yes
o Nifty Tips: None.

o Abilities: AoE damage, don't stand by it if you're ranged!
o Seducable?: I wish. Drain Life and Siphon Life also don't work (damn mechs)
o Nifty Tips: None.

o Abilities: Nuttin special when they're alive. When dead, they give you a 1% boost to damage per wyrm. So best to keep moving when you down a pack of them to get the best bang for your buck!
o Seducable?: C'mon. They're wyrms.
o Nifty Tips: AoE is very pretty. And apparently, WoWWiki recommends that if you have a poor computer, do not look at them while they die. EXTREME GRAPHICS!

o Abilities: Detonates something that causes all the wyrm packs to act as one pack.
o Seducable?: Dunno. Killed her too fast.
o Nifty Tips: Nothing.

Wretched Dudes:
o Abilities: Nothing to worry about overall, bruisers do a type of mortal strike (reduces healing done to target), Skulkers are dual-wield melee and Husks are mages.
o Seducable?: Yes.
o Nifty Tips: Nothing special.


  1. The wyrms give a stacking +1% spell damage bonus that stacks up to 25%. Nice if you can swing it into DPSing the boss. Nicer still if the Pally tank can uses it to generate mad aggro.

    See also: Addon "MobNotes" allows you to add these notes to the mob's tooltip. V-nice to help remember these things later on.

  2. Thank you very much for this listing. Extremely useful as I can never remember these things. :D